10 Keys in The Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening activity is very fun activities. Watch the development of plants from the time of sowing seeds until it becomes plants is very interesting. Every problem becomes a challenge to solve. Every energy that comes out is paid when the plants in our garden become beautiful. You can create a great vertical garden by looking at the following 10 keys.


Water is a basic need for plant growth. Without water supply, the plants will wither and die. Vertical Garden planted without soil and live in absolute geotextile media must get water spray.

Without a water supply within 8 hours, the vertical garden will wither and will not survive (dry). So the first thing to note is the guaranteed water supply in a water reservoir. When controlled water reservoir conditions should not empty.


Vertical Garden drainage system is an automatic system. then the power supply available to the Vertical Garden panel system should “UP” for 24 hours a day. Power is used to drive the timer and water pump which has been set/setting automatically.

The watering system is set 4 times a day at 7:00, 10:00, 13:00 and 16:00 for 5-7 minutes once spray. Watering duration shouldn’t set too long.

The important thing is enough water to wet the media. If the media is wet enough, the water will drip into the drainage channel means the water has been dampened media. You can check the condition of electricity by seeing lights in the Vertical Garden panel box.vertical garden seed


A simple way to see plant growth is to touch the geotextile medium. If the planting medium feels moist then it is a sign of normal watering conditions and if it feels dry then there could be a blockage on the installation of the nozzle.

If it is flat then the watering system is not running, then the reservoir water must be checked again or see the light indicator in the Virtual Garden panel box.


To maintain the irrigation system needs to be seen whether there are deposits or sand from water sources that go in the pipe. if this condition is left unchecked, in a short time it will clog the nozzle.

To avoid that it is necessary to control nozzle in irrigation pipes. the existing precipitates must be cleaned as they may inhibit the discharge of water. This activity can be done 1-2 times a month to keep the irrigation channels clean.
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Filters installed in the irrigation system are sometimes dirty because they filter sand or water sediments. How to clean the filter is to brush the lattice in it. this is done so that water can pass smoothly watering the vertical garden.

Filter cleaning is done once a month.


The timer is used for the process of watering plants can be done automatically.
The timer is placed in the panel box, aligning the number of clocks that are there with the time in the clock.

If the number in the timer shows the current time then the system timer runs normally,
but if not then need immediate treatment for immediate repair or resetting.

But if the timer is damaged then it is necessary to check the possibility of no power coming in.

Timer Checking needs to be done every day so that if found the problem can be fixed immediately.


In the process of growth, the plant will produce old leaves are dry before the new leaves grow.

This condition needs cleaning and removing dry leaves, the purpose of this is done is to keep the plant clean and grow normally. Cleaning dry leaves can be done twice a week.


Vertical garden plants have different growth types, some are fast and some are slow. the purpose of pruning is to make crops vary. thus forming a garden with a variety of shapes

For plants that are too fast to grow needed trimming, cutting the tip of the leaf is done in order to control the plant growth.

Special pruning plants that grow fast leaves can be done 2 months, while a little slow enough 4 months.


To prevent the emergence of pests in the garden, it is necessary to clean the dry leaves. dry leaves can trigger the emergence of plant pests and diseases.

When plants grow normally there is no need for insecticide spraying. However, if you find a disease or pest in the park then it needs to be sprayed once a month with pesticides.

However, insecticide spraying is not absolutely necessary if a vertical garden is well maintained and the surrounding environment is clean.


To help plant growth we need to provide fertilizer. Fertilization is done by inserting the fertilizer into the water tank and then distributed simultaneously with watering.

Fertilization is done every 7 days by using a fertilizer Gromore supplement with a dose of 100 grams / 1000 liters of water or 10 tablespoons of fertilizer dissolved in 1000 liters of water tank once fertilizer.

After 3 months the frequency of watering can be reduced to 2 weeks at the same rate.

For early growth is also required EM 4 fertilizer to grow bacteria in planting media to be able to provide nutrients for roots plant that grow on geotextile media.

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