5 Simple Reasons Why a Resume Sucks

Writing a resume can help you get your dream job. But if your resume is not up to standard, you do not even get called up for an interview. Many people keep sending resumes, and they are wondering why they are not shortlisted for interviews. Sometimes there is something wrong with their resumes that they are not aware of. Here are 5 simple reasons why a resume sucks.

1) Poor grammar and sentence structure.

This is the number one mistake that most people make. They spend an hour writing their resume, and send it out without reviewing the grammar and sentence structure. Employers judge a candidate based on the quality of the writing. If the resume contains numerous mistakes, there is little chance of success.

2) Improper formatting.

Many applications are assessed by the HR (human resource) department. Bear in mind that they are busy people, as they have to scour through hundreds of applications for the positions that they are trying to fill. Having improper formatting makes their job harder, as they can not scan through your writing quickly. And if they find it hard to find the information that they need, they may just skip your application altogether.

3) Lack of testimonials.

Your resume is a promotional tool, and you should view it as such. Include as many references and testimonials as you can. When your potential employer sees how others value your time and services, they are likely to give your application serious consideration. Do not be afraid to blow your own horn a little. If you have any achievements or accomplishments in your previous jobs, be sure to list them in the resume.

You can not really promote yourself because you may come across as a cocky person. But it is alright to have others sing praises about you. Having testimonials will help a great deal, especially if they are coming from a person with a good reputation (eg a CEO of a company).

4) Lack of conviction.

Sometimes, it's not all about your knowledge and experience. Your conviction matters as well. In a few simple paragraphs, explain why you are qualified for the job position. That means no cookie-cutter resume. You need to be clear about where you are heading, and what you want to achieve. Align that with the goals of the company, and write about how you can help the company achieve their goals, as well as yours. That will set you apart from the competition.

5) Too lengthy.

Never try to write a resume that is too lengthy. If you have a cover letter, make sure that it does not exceed two pages. Keep your messages short and concise. Again, remember that you are trying to get your messages across as quickly as possible. Writing in a short and clear style also improves the overall quality of your resume. A letter that is too lengthy tends to bore people, and that can not be good for your chances. If possible, use bullet points to make your writing easier to read.

Take note of the mistakes above. They account for the major of resumes that could have been better.

Source by Darren W Chow

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