Aaron Rodgers: 2nd Super Bowl ‘on my mind every day’

Aaron Rodgers hoisted the Lombardi Trophy nearly nine years ago. Since that day — Feb. 6, 2011 — the Green Packers haven’t sniffed the Super Bowl, including missing the playoffs in back-to-back years. For whatever reason, NFL cognoscenti decided long ago that a quarterback must obtain two Super Bowl rings to cement his standing among…

Aaron Rodgers hoisted the Lombardi Trophy nearly nine years ago. Since that day — Feb. 6, 2011 — the Inexperienced Packers have not sniffed the Gargantuan Bowl, including missing the playoffs in help-to-help years.
For no topic plan, NFL cognoscenti made up our minds lengthy ago that a quarterback must produce two Gargantuan Bowl rings to cement his standing among his chums. Perhaps the reason is one victory on the overall is a fluke; most definitely it is arbitrary; most definitely somewhere along the formula someone regarded around, saw a whole lot of the worthy ones owned dos rings, and scheme the usual.
Regardless, Rodgers continues to gaze for that 2nd Gargantuan Bowl title to bag the proverbial monkey off his help.

“It be on my thoughts each day,” Rodgers mentioned, by ESPN. “That is why we play the game. That is why you put within the time within the offseason, attributable to this you develop the shrimp things. It be to attach your self on this location, the put we’re two video games some distance from being ready to compete for that. I’m 36, I do know what here’s all about. Right here is a significant opportunity for us. I like take care of I’ve got a whole lot of with out a doubt correct years left, but you by no reach know. Rather a whole lot of things happen twelve months to twelve months. Now we comprise had some worthy teams which comprise been an harm away or a play some distance from being special, so I comprise to develop essentially the most of this opportunity.”
Judging quarterbacks on wins or Gargantuan Bowl titles belies the repeated cliché that football is the closing crew game. Rodgers will bound down as one among the greatest signal-callers of all time no topic how his crew finishes.
Aloof, a lot take care of Peyton Manning, Rodgers gained’t silence the doubters until he slips on that 2nd Gargantuan Bowl ring.
As we ogle into the 20s, Rodgers is aware of time is working short.
“When I become 31, I believed I become going to play into my 40s and that become easy a decade away,” Rodgers mentioned. “Now, I’m 36, so now we’re a half of a decade away.”
The Packers like a golden opportunity with Sunday’s home playoff game against an harm-riddled Seattle Seahawks crew to come to the NFC Championship game.

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