Antonio Brown: ‘I don’t even have to play football’

His mustache dyed blonde, his hair patched with blue and gold, Antonio Brown spoke for the major time this offseason, continuing the saga that has was what appears savor an inevitable exodus from the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Chatter through social media created quite a ride beforehand, but in a one-on-one interview with ESPN, Brown delivered absorbing sound bytes aplenty. He used to be silent and frigid, every now and then confusing and presumably most surprisingly stated he didn’t need football.
“I don’t even must play football if I don’t favor. I don’t even need the sport, I don’t wish to show nothing to someone,” Brown stated. “If they wanna play, they going to play by my principles. If no longer, I don’t wish to play.
“Clearly, I could maybe just like the sport, but I don’t favor the sport, or no longer it’s a distinction.”

The sitdown interview encompassed a differ of issues, together with Brown’s youth, proclaiming his overall happiness with lifestyles and the reveal that he used to be once grazed by a gunshot.
Following Brown’s absence from the closing customary season sport of a campaign whereby the Steelers failed to fetch the playoffs, the All-Decent receiver has made no secret that he needs to be traded. Alongside the manner, experiences of discontent with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fill surfaced.
With that, Brown made it clear that he believes the two will deserve to had been closer given their roles within the franchise.
“I could maybe’ve loved for me and Ben to be frigid. I thought we used to be frigid,” Brown stated. “After I mediate, I been to his house one time, he’s been to my house one time. We do now not determine within the offseason. It be savor, yo, if we in truth favor to take, you deem that’s a success? That is no longer a success, that’s no longer a success custom.”
What wasn’t all that clear used to be Brown’s defend on Roethlisberger’s public criticism now and then — one thing he’s performed with extra than one teammates. When requested if that used to be the origin of the rift, Brown stated he used to be OK with criticism, but added if he used to be certainly Roethlisberger’s “man,” issues would no longer fill performed out in that vogue.
“Criticism in truth is a allotment of the job. I answer criticism with fulfillment,” Brown stated. “I savor Ben. Ben’s my quarterback. He’s feeding me the ball. He defend care of me. I’m no longer vexed about him calling me out. Nonetheless on a skilled level, if I’m your man, fetch me know I’m your man. Fabricate no longer deliver I’m your man after which call me out. That is a scenario. … Fabricate no longer deliver I’m your man after which point a finger; don’t deliver I’m your man after which don’t throw me the ball your complete first quarter.”
As for the sick will with Brown and all people alive to, he used to be clear once yet again by manner of taking no blame for the downfall of the relationship.
“I don’t defend any blame,” he stated. “I apt mediate I took responsibility for my field. I didn’t point a finger, I didn’t fetch someone in truth feel horrifying, I didn’t throw no stones at someone.”
It used to be rarely all concentrated on the unfavorable as Brown reminisced about his done profession with a smile, taking a watch back fondly on what he’s performed and the design in which he views taking half within the sport.
“I had lots of fun. I scored the most touchdowns out of any receiver and I was routing guys up. It be fun, man,” he stated. “I’m apt up for the joy of the camaraderie of a physique of workers. Any level of lifestyles you gotta fill a physique of workers; corporate you gotta fill a physique of workers, football you gotta fill a physique of workers, at lifestyles you gotta fill a physique of workers. I’m apt all about physique of workers camaraderie in regards to committing as a physique of workers to doing issues special.”

No query viewed by some in a me-morning time, Brown talked on the total about being allotment of a physique of workers, explaining that the divide with Roethlisberger used to be on yarn of they had been no longer shut ample, great savor his relationship with the franchise. He slighted the Steelers organization for no longer going the extra mile to fetch to know him and his family. And, emphatically stated his future is in diverse areas.
“I’m fascinating to pass forward,” Brown stated.
In talking about rising a closeness with a franchise, he additionally obtained slightly perplexing yet again when he stated it used to be additionally a industry, wavering from aspect to aspect between what appears to be at the forefront the build he’s alive to.
“There’s nothing in truth I have not performed. I made the contracts. I made the money. I in truth made the records. I in truth led the league in all three courses — receiving yards, receptions, touchdowns. So, cease of the day for me, or no longer it’s higher than apt the sport that we play or ball. It be about the honor of folks and camaraderie,” Brown stated. “I could maybe savor to know the man I work for obtained my handiest hobby; I could maybe savor to know the physique of workers obtained my handiest hobby. Nonetheless by manner of industry within the NFL and football, or no longer it’s a industry. So in industry, some issues are no longer private. So for me, or no longer it’s no longer always private between me and no organization. It be apt the build I’m at now, which that you should maybe be either helping me form or stopping me.”
As dizzying as the Brown-Steelers drama has been, the broad receiver’s words had been slightly as effectively. In the cease, Brown made it acknowledged that with all he’s performed within the sport, he doesn’t need it, but he nonetheless very great needs it.
“I savor to play the sport; the commitment to the sport, the being a allotment of one thing specialer than yourself,” he stated. “To be committed with a community of fellows to doing one thing special that’s higher than yourself, that is the closing.
“Undoubtedly I favor to play football, I’m a player, that’s who I am, that’s what I manufacture.”

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