July 16, 2019

British GP practice & Silverstone debate


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By Niamh Lewis

All cases acknowledged are UK

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  1. That’s Effectively to do

    Michael Emons

    BBC Sport at Silverstone

    It has been a irregular few days for Haas as on Wednesday group sponsor Effectively to do Vitality posted a message on Twitter asserting their contract with Haas used to be being cancelled attributable to the group’s “downhearted efficiency”.

    “We plan to beat Red Bull and being within the support of Williams in Austria is unacceptable,” added the assertion. But things obtained even more new a day later with Effectively to do Vitality shareholders order a “rogue” particular person used to be within the support of the tweet.

    Haas boss Guenther Steiner acknowledged there used to be detached a contract and, as you would possibly request, the Effectively to do Vitality branding is detached very powerful on the auto currently.


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  2. Most standard top 10

    1. Bottas
    2. Hamilton
    3. Leclerc
    4. Vettel
    5. Gasly
    6. Norris
    7. Verstappen
    8. Sainz
    9. Albon
    10. Perez
  3. Lights, camera, race…

    Michael Emons

    BBC Sport at Silverstone

    Silverstone has gone for an understanding straight out of Hollywood, factual in case you neglect the put this speed is. This signal will possible be absolute selfie heaven this weekend.

    Will the race on the phrase this weekend be field place of work? Who is conscious of, perhaps considered one of the most legendary races held right here within the previous will one day be grew to develop into into a Hollywood tale.


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  4. Radio – Verstappen

    “The left front does now not request very soft.”

  5. Put up exchange

    Leclerc asking on the radio if the tyres are ok, and he’s instructed at once to field…

    Christian Horner acknowledged earlier he had seen high tyre degradation and it in total is a two-end speed.

  6. Put up exchange

    Daniel Ricciardo had eight retirements with a rotten Red Bull final year, and two this year with a brand fresh Renault in Australia and Azerbaijan.

    He also rides aspect-saddle because the marshals push delivery to push his automobile relief to the garage.

    We beget already seen Kimi Raikkonen fabricate the same thing in FP1 this morning… they would perhaps moreover factual win off and lend a hand push?


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  7. Radio – Bottas

    “It’s showing esteem -25. Strive and follow the vehicles round.”

    Jolyon Palmertranslates: “That’s VSC delta time, he’s been instructed to follow the vehicles and decide it. It technique he’s 25 seconds too quickly below the digital security automobile.

  8. Radio – Ricciardo

    “It’s switched off, it be switched off.”

  9. Daniel Ricciardo has stopped on plan

  10. Put up exchange

    Earlier, I requested those of you playing the sizable prix at Silverstone to send some 10am beer photography…


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  11. Radio – Verstappen

    “There would possibly be a gap opening up on the left front.”

  12. Put up exchange

    Valtteri Bottas has had a spark
    journey changed on his automobile and he has no longer managed to exit for a quickly speed, but Lewis Hamilton remains 0.069 sec within the support of on the leaderboard on the 2d.

  13. Put up exchange

    Brent Wathen:Even DR couldn’t lend a hand the Aussies the day outdated to this.

    Daniel Ricciardo

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  14. One other correct kind request!

    You lot are on fire currently

    George Parker:Having all these brits on the grid is great to request. But has there been a year the put there HASN’T been a brit on the gird??

  15. Historical previous in all locations

    Michael Emons

    BBC Sport at Silverstone

    Lewis Hamilton would possibly perhaps moreover make a selection a sixth British Grand Prix this weekend, which can moreover manufacture him essentially the most successful at a British GP – on the 2d he is level with is British driver Jim Clark and Frenchman Alain Prost.

    Silverstone is heaven for automobile enthusiasts and right here is the Lotus 25 that Clark drove in 1963, including a victory at Silverstone within the British Grand Prix on the procedure in which to the main of his two world championship titles.

    Clark’s five wins in Britain got right here at three varied tracks. His first make a selection in 1962 used to be at Aintree, then Silverstone a year later, then Brands Hatch in 1964, relief to Silverstone over again in 1965 alongside with his fifth victory also at Silverstone two years later.

    Jim Clark

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  16. Unusual cases

    Hamilton must beget grew to develop into the engine up

    1. Bottas 1:26.732
    2. Hamilton +0.069
    3. Leclerc +0.197
    4. Vettel +0.448
    5. Gasly +0.517
    6. Norris +0.814
    7. Verstappen +0.830
    8. Sainz +1.255
    9. Albon +1.265
    10. Perez +1.270
  17. What’s occurred with George Russell’s Williams?

    Jennie Gow

    BBC Radio 5 stay pit-lane reporter

    At the 2d George Russell is stood speaking to his engineers and the auto is a big passe mess.

    The group would possibly perhaps moreover no longer enlighten us what’s atrocious with it, but there’s some fluid on the ground which they are mopping up.

    George Russell

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  18. Put up exchange

    Romain Grosjean has at final managed to residence a lap-time but it be no longer a corker – a 1:29.805 – and he’s down in 18th within the support of every Racing Aspects and before every Williams vehicles.

  19. How Toto Wolff made Mercedes considered one of sport’s finest teams

    Toto Wolff

    Copyright: BBC

    The chief F1 author, Andrew Benson has been speaking to Toto Wolff, relating to the revolution that Mercedes beget taken over Formula 1.

    Listen in on thepodcast, andlearnthe story.

  20. Put up exchange

    George Russell is stood within the pitlane with an FIA first rate, and there are hands flapping within the procedure in which that of us fabricate when seeking to command something…

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