Buying a Vineyard Tractor? Here Are Some Things to Consider

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Submitted On April 26, 2012

Whether you are working in a vineyard farm or managing your own vine garden, a vineyard tractor is needed to ensure a smooth operation. However, it is not just about having one that is important; it is about having the right one. So, when you buy you need to see to it that you are getting the right product at the right price.Here are some important considerations you need to take into account when buying:Evaluate your needs – you need to have a type of vineyard tractor that can be used specifically for your unique requirements. With this, you need to do product evaluation first before buying. Asking yourself these questions can help: (a) which brand, model or type is ideal for my needs? What are the features that I need to consider? Is it for a long term or short term use? Can this easily fit into other equipment/attachment I have?Brand new or used tractor- because you are evaluating whether you are buying a vineyard tractor for a long term use or not, you will probably need to choose between getting a brand new or a used one. Brand new (as we know it) usually comes with a high price but it has a number of advantages – it can last way longer than the used ones; comes with warranties, greater reliability, and new technology. On the other hand, used vineyard tractor can be a good alternative when: (a) you have limited resources to purchase a new one (b) low annual usage and (c) you are just starting in this venture.Where to buy – you might be in the ‘peak’ of your desire to buy a vineyard tractor now but you are not really quite sure where to buy and which company to choose. Well, you can find great selections from: (a) local vineyard machinery dealers (b) used vineyard tractor dealers (c) vineyard auction or dispersal sales (d) commercial vineyard machinery auctions (e) friends, neighbors or colleague (they might have one to sell or they might know someone who is selling).The role of the Internet in finding the right equipmentWhen you are buying a new tractor or any other equipment, do not forget to make use of the Internet for your search. Vineyard tractor manufacturers and distributors are going online so it is now a lot easier for customers to find prospects. Some places on the Internet I can recommend include local directories such as Google Places, Bing Local Listing, Yahoo Local Listing, Yelp, and Yellow pages – these are good portals to find manufacturers that are geo-targeted or companies that are specific to your location.

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