June 19, 2019

Champions League – Manchester City take on Schalke

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  2. Aguero rankings opener for Man City after Schalke give ball away in comprise voice
  3. Two Bentaleb penalties for Schalke – first given by VAR, 2nd for wicked by Fernandinho
  4. Otamendi despatched off for two yellow playing cards – handball for first penalty & 2nd-half wicked
  5. Atletico Madrid v Juventus – Atletico penalty overturned by VAR, Morata aim disallowed by VAR for wicked

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By Tom Rostance

All instances acknowledged are UK

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  1. Submit update

    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus

    Atletico Madrid shall be vastly aggrieved by that likelihood but once you initiate slowing it down you can behold why they’ve overturned that one. Alvaro Morata headed into the salvage but he did push Giorgio Chiellini within the lend a hand. Whether or no longer it used to be ample to position the defender off steadiness is one other interrogate…


    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus

  3. Video Assistant Referee Review

    Atletico Madrid 1-0 Juventus

    The referee in Madrid goes to glimpse at this aim! Morata had a hand within the lend a hand of a defender – he’s going to disallow this I reckon…

  4. GOAL – Atletico Madrid 1-0 Juventus

    Alvaro Morata

    Header! Raise that one out! Alvaro Morata heads Atleti forward but wager what – or no longer it goes to VAR…


    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Pep reacts as we order, sending on Vincent Kompany for David Silva. A 2-1 defeat is rarely any longer the tip of the arena but City would possibly perhaps well furthermore no longer are attempting to ship any longer dreams…

  6. RED CARD – Otamendi

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Smartly, smartly, smartly! There would possibly perhaps be hundreds occurring tonight!

    Nicolas Otamendi is despatched off for a 2nd reserving as he fouls Guido Burgstaller on the halfway line. The controversy there is that his first yellow came from that VAR-awarded penalty…

  7. Submit update


    Copyright: Getty Photos

    It used to be HDMI 2 you wanted…

  8. Video update…

    John Murray

    BBC football correspondent

    It is being reported that the pitchside show used to be damaged within the route of the principle half, wich is why the referee used to be unable to learn about the principle penalty likelihood. And the referee used to be quick by the VAR to present the penalty…

  9. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    A Pep Guardiola facet has under no conditions lost a Champions League sport in opposition to German opposition (W7 D3).

    Pep Guardiola

    Copyright: Reuters


    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Manchester City now desire a penalty as Bernardo Silva goes down contained within the voice – no ardour from any respectable, video-based fully mostly or in every other case…

    It used to be a surely fine mumble, that’s why.

  11. In fine company…

    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus

    Alvaro Morata is the fifth player to invent a Champions League appearance for both Right Madrid and Atletico Madrid, after Thibaut Courtois, Juan Esnaider, Jose Antonio Reyes and Jose Manuel Jurado.

    Alvaro Morata

    Copyright: Reuters

  12. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Danny Mills

    Feeble Man City defender on BBC Radio 5 live

    City are perchance attempting to force it rather too a lot, attempting to rattle balls into other folks’s toes. They’ve merely got to tackle affected person and chill out. They’ve a lot quality they’re going to build chances.

  13. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Into the last half an hour in Germany. No dreams within the 2nd half but it surely’s been a surely fine look.


    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus

    Two ghosts of Chelsea’s past converge as Alvaro Morata replaces Diego Costa for Atletico Madrid. Bear in mind that Costa will miss the 2nd leg.

  15. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Danny Mills

    Feeble Man City defender on BBC Radio 5 live

    City are exhibiting an sincere resolution to catch lend a hand into this sport.

    However let’s no longer neglect, at 2-1, going lend a hand to the Etihad, I would possibly perhaps well perhaps mute insist they’re solid favourites. They merely possess to ranking one.

    At home, 1-0, that’s it, job performed. They possess the away aim.

  16. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Sergio Aguero shoots wide, Ilkay Gundogan has one blocked – City doing the entirety but ranking…

    Sergio Aguero

    Copyright: EPA


    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus

    What a gather that is! Atletico are piling on the force, Antoine Griezmann is in within the lend a hand of and either he or the last man loop in a lob which Wojciech Szczesny fingertips it onto the crossbar andaway!

  18. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Raheem Sterling will get into the voice but cannot catch a nasty away. Manchester City had been largely unparalleled tonight but mute path. Or no longer it is a comical dilapidated sport Saint…

    Raheem Sterling

    Copyright: EPA

  19. CLOSE!

    Atletico Madrid 0-0 Juventus

    He must ranking! Antoine Griezmann plays Diego Costa thru on aim, he does the entirety appropriate at hand off the last defender and appears obvious to ranking but then screws his shot wide.

    Neat thru. Big likelihood!

    Diego Costa

    Copyright: Reuters

  20. Submit update

    Schalke 2-1 Manchester City

    Colossal tempo to this sport now, being played esteem or no longer it is the last 10 minutes of the 2nd leg.

    For oldsters that’re merely becoming a member of us, Fernandino and Nicolas Otamendi will both miss the 2nd scramble due to suspension.

    GREAT form out on Sergio Aguero by Matija Nastasic as Aguero looked to catch a shot away.

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