Charles Manson’s Pee-Covered Painting Headed to Haunted Museum

Charles Manson

Peed On His Own Painting

Smell Ya Later?!?!

7/31/2018 12:40 AM PDT


Ever wanted to get a whiff of Charles Manson‘s piss? Zak Bagans says now you can, ’cause he bought a canvas the murderer painted and hated so much he pissed all over it.

The “Ghost Adventures” star tells TMZ he dropped $2,500 for the artwork and claims the person who sold him the painting says Manson himself created the work while in prison … but hated it and peed all over it. Manson was pissed off, if you will. (Sorry, not sorry).

Zak says he bought the painting from the same dude who sold him Manson’s chompers. And, get this … he says the painting STILL smells like urine. It’ll soon be available in Zak’s “Murderbilia” exhibit at his infamous haunted museum in Vegas.

As for what drew Zak to the painting … he likes that it’s gross and creepy, exactly what his museum needs. And, with Manson allegedly pissing all over it, Zak feels it emanates emotions of hatred.

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