Colts owner: Goal is to ‘win three’ Super Bowls in a row

The purpose: Support-to-wait on-to-wait on.
Indianapolis Colts proprietor Jim Irsay sees potentially the most attention-grabbing perform of his increasing team as a hit three straight Monumental Bowls.
“I indisputably feel bask in right here is a young team that’s ascending,” he said final week, thru the Indy Critical individual. “You guys know, I’ll unabashedly yelp, I’d care for to earn three in a row. How famous is it? I mean, or no longer it’s famous as hell ultimate to earn one.”

Irsay is aware of ultimate how famous it’s to earn one, over and over falling short all the contrivance thru the Peyton Manning-generation sooner than at final lifting one Lombardi Trophy.
It be no longer the principle time the Colts proprietor has declared wait on-to-wait on-to-wait on Monumental Bowls as potentially the most attention-grabbing purpose, tweeting in February that the ‘G.O.A.T Long-established’ is three championships in a row — presumably a tweak at rival Novel England Patriots dynasty. No team in the Monumental Bowl-generation has received three straight.
The Colts are building a young, rising roster in the wait on of Andrew Luck. Overall manager Chris Ballard has been fiscally responsible and confirmed he can gain gems hidden in the mud. Coach Frank Reich is a intellectual offensive mind who earned his team’s belief in Year 1. And the QB, now with injuries in the previous, is any individual who on the whole is a postseason game-changer.
Issues are taking a search for in Indy. Three Monumental Bowls in a row, alternatively, is a distant conversation for a different time. This contemporary community desires to earn three playoff games in a row first.

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