Could You Handle Being Famous?

I couldn’t handle being famous…but I can handle standing next to a famous person, LOL!

Hell no! I would hate it. I mean, you know…I’d love some of the perks. I could probably deal with it for about a year, but eventually the attention would wear me down, man. I couldn’t handle having everything I did or wore or said be totally scrutinized. I like doing normal people things waaaaaay too much. Like, I need to be able to buy an extra large bulk jar of Nutella and the new Us Weekly at 11 in the evening without announcing it to the world!

I was thinking about this because of a movie I started streaming last night called Gemini. In it Zoe Kravtiz (she is her mom’s doppelganger, RIGHT?!) plays a famous actress. I only got about 15 minutes in before bedtime, but there’s a scene near the beginning where she’s leaving a restaurant and the paparazzi start harassing her, trying to elicit a reaction from her by asking rude, obnoxious questions… It did not look fun at all.

Will let you know how it turns out when I finish watching it…IN LIKE A WEEK, because that’s the average time it takes me to watch a movie at home now, LOL! I start a movie and watch for maybe 15 minutes before Tabs “needs” to inspect something on the deck or Connor “needs” a coloring partner or another load of laundry “needs” to get folded.

The cycle repeats itself every day or two until said movie has been watched, ha ha ha.

Anyway, could you handle being famous? Inquiring minds want to know.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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