Counterpoint: iPhone X reaches 60m shipments

The Apple iPhone X has been on sale for ten months now and in that time it has surpassed 60 million commutative shipments.

In contrast, it took the iPhone 6 just six months to amass 60 million shipments and in ten months, it had already shipped 90 million units.

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However, thanks to its higher price, in the first ten months after its launch, the iPhone X has accumulated almost the same $62B revenue as the iPhone 6 in its first ten months.

gsmarena 002 - Counterpoint: iPhone X reaches 60m shipments

Interestingly, according to Counterpoint’s data, the iPhone X accounted for more revenue alone, than each of Huawei, Oppo, vivo and Xiaomi’s shipments in the past ten months.

Strong iPhone X sales were seen in the USA and China where more than half of all iPhone X were shipped. In comparison, India contributed just 1% of the overall number.

The iPhone X supplied just one third of all iPhone shipments in the last ten months, but accounts for half of all iPhone revenue in the same period.

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Counterpoint expects Apple’s refreshed line of iPhones (coming today) to drive revenues further going forward thanks to the introduction of a cheaper LCD version and two high-priced OLED models.


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