D.K. Metcalf discusses Year 1 lessons in rookie webinar


D.K. Metcalf’s consideration to ingredient was as soon as one among the many traits that served him effectively in three hundred and sixty five days 1. Nonetheless, as he currently shared, it’s some distance going to also have been powerful more handy off the self-discipline.
Rapidly after the 2020 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks receiver participated in the NFL’s first rookie webinar, moderated by musty Seahawks defensive wait on Maurice Kelly, who’s the team’s fresh vp of participant engagement.
Metcalf, along with 49ers linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair and Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew, who had rather the breakout rookie three hundred and sixty five days of his enjoy, was as soon as featured on a panel that spoke to 547 gamers about adjusting to life in the NFL.
One amongst his first items of advice can also ruffle the feathers of some teachers.

“I reflect Mo told us in our rookie meeting: ‘Don’t take a seat nowhere. Let everybody reach in first and take a seat down. Then you glance your seat excellent,'” Metcalf stated, per Grasp Maaddi of the Connected Press. “So that in actuality situation the tone for the three hundred and sixty five days and the design one can ability all the issues. Fair wait my turn and absorb as powerful files from the vets as I could per chance.”
Kelly added more context, calling it a “humble trip” for first-three hundred and sixty five days gamers which would be feeble to being the true of the true to reach into the worlds of commercial and legit sports activities and “relax, uncover and salvage a ability to slot in.”
Pointless to allege, heeding those phrases paid off for Metcalf, who was as soon as Seattle’s 2d-leading wideout in 2019. He also ranked third amongst inexperienced persons in complete receiving yards.
Speaking of paid, hundreds of inexperienced persons could be signing their contracts in the coming months. And in the spirit of 1 in all his more powerful musty teammates, the mammoth Marshawn Lynch, Metcalf told the gamers to wisely situation up their cash in his enjoy, non-grocery connected form of ability.
“The most effective ability to attend watch over that is real to clutch the set your cash is going and who has adjust of it,” he stated. “Be proactive and know the set your cash is going, how you’re spending it, receive a budget.”
With the exception of his contributions to a quantity of highlight reels, Metcalf’s social media presence conducted a huge piece in his considerable person rising so rapid. He warned the inexperienced persons to be certain they survive high of their involvement on whatever platform they decide to be on.
“I told them now you can not invent everybody chuffed,” he stated. “You are constructing a tag and it’s some distance a must to offer protection to that tag, so if any individual calls you out on Twitter or Instagram, now you can not respond. Exhaust social media for a obvious affect to your life and varied folk’s lives and no longer a damaging one.”
Metcalf’s play produced hundreds of positivity for the Seahawks excellent season. With a microscopic of luck, his phrases of wisdom will result in an identical outcomes for the incoming reduce of skill.

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