Do You Know the 5 Steps to Creating a Successful Resume?

Who likes to write? Mostly novelists and newspaper columnists. The American general populace for the most part detests this necessary evil as something akin to sunburn. Maybe that's why completing a resume is so darn time-consuming. Five steps to a successful resume demonstrates how this process can be less than painstaking and much easier than expected. Remember, crafting a dynamic document is intended solely to get an interview for that coveted position.

OK, the steps are listed in order below. Be sure to follow them to the letter. If there are deviations from this formula, chances are good that the phone will not ring off the hook with employers wanting to set up an interview time.

1). In a comfortable chair, list all employers past and present, including time space part time and even volunteer work. This can be summarized as work experience.

2). Write down all educational degrees and coursework to this point in time. Also, list any skills or certificates earned. This is the educational part of the resume.

3). Jot down any method of contact for an employer. This includes cell phone, home phone, email (professional sounding address is preferred), pager, street address and even Skype if necessary.

4). Include military experience and any clearance level obtained. Employers check this for many jobs offered.

5). Gather any awards both academic or otherwise to include on the resume.

Now, using a good word processing program, target the job objective to the posting. Do not use a generic resume for every job. Show some interest in the employer. The header should include correct contact information. Double check this carefully! Include a section for relevant experience, titled experience; a section for education, a small section for awards and include military experience and clearance last. This will leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager.



Source by Brian G Chadra

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