Do you know who owns this locket?

The locket Fiona Leahy found in Oxfam which contains a photo of a young boyImage copyright
Fiona Leahy

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Who owns this locket?

Do you recognise this locket? Or the picture of the child?

A woman in Ireland is trying to reunite the jewellery and the photograph with their owner after she discovered them in a dress she bought in a charity shop.

Fiona Leahy, 24, bought a vintage dress at an Oxfam shop in Dublin on Thursday. It was only when she got home that she noticed a tarnished, silver locket in one of its pockets.

Opening it revealed the image of a young child.

Concerned that someone accidentally gave away the locket, Fiona has appealed on Twitter asking if anyone recognises it.

Many people have tried to help by sharing her post, but so far nobody has come forward with any information.

Her cause has been helped by almost 1,400 retweets, including from accounts with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.

Fiona told the BBC there have been “no leads at all,” although she remains hopeful of finding the owner.

“I never thought so many people would be invested,” she said.

“Some people have messaged with different suggestions, people have said to go back to the store, and Oxfam have been in touch on Twitter.”

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Fiona Leahy

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The dress is “double my size but I love the stitching and the pattern”

The former fashion student tries to buy clothes exclusively from charity stores and was immediately taken by the vintage dress when she found it.

“I didn’t try it on in the store. I took it home and tried it on, and found the locket.

“It’s double my size but I love the stitching and the pattern.”

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