Do You Live Near a Good Mall?

prince purple rain shirt - Do You Live Near a Good Mall?
Exhibit A: Typical mall booty

Yes and no. There’s an outdoor mall five minutes away from me that I like… I like that it’s five minutes away from me, and it has some great practical stores like Target, Costco, DSW (commonly referred to as “Shoe Valhalla”), Sephora (right!?), LOFT and Old Navy. They also just got a Nordstrom Rack, a Carter’s and a Banana Republic Factory Store.

So lots of everyday useful stores, but I still wish I lived closer to a proper indoor mall with more variety, like the huge three-story malls in San Francisco and the East Bay where you could walk in while it’s daylight, totally lose yourself for hours, and walk out when it’s night.

I am glad, though that I live so close to a Sephora and a Target and to places where I can get an affordable dress in a pinch, then grab a Starbucks on the way out.

Right after I gave birth to Connor, man…that mall was my safe place! When I was in my postpartum no-sleep haze, El Hub would make me go to that mall every couple days just to see people and get out of the house. It got me to wash my face, brush my hair and teeth, and put on clothes (because, let’s get real, I was wearing spit-up stained nightgowns 24/7 for months) to interact with real, live human beings.

Anyways. Malls! Do you live near a good one? If so, what are your favorite things about it?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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