December 14, 2019

England v New Zealand – World Cup final build-up

Trent Boult



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    Roy c Latham b Henry 17 (Eng 28-1)

  2. Eng 28-0

    Oh certain, Jason Roy. He takes a trot down the pitch to Henry and crunches his away all once more. The glean collectively tunes teach out at Lord’s. Four more closer.

  3. Eng 24-0

    Need 218 more runs to get

    The fundamental inch-price began off at 4.84 and it is tranquil there. England are on target but crucially they have gotten no longer lost an early wicket.

    Jonny Bairstow

    Copyright: Reuters

  4. Eng 24-0

    And all once more! England’s openers are taking the Kiwis on. Really that is a wretched paunchy toss from Boult. It be punished by Bairstow.

  5. Eng 20-0

    Four to Jonny Bairstow! It is a basically suitable shot by the covers. Attach your legs. The crowd are tense and worried but they settle paunchy goal correct thing in regards to the prospect to cheer this to the rope.

  6. Post substitute

    Simon Mann

    BBC Take a look at Match Special

    England are very lucky to no longer be one down. Everyone up right here thought that became once out.

    Video utter

    Video caption: ‘How is that no longer out?’ – Roy survives lbw overview first ball
  7. Eng 16-0

    Jonny Bairstow has executed an acceptable job of attending to the non-striker’s pause for many of this but now he’s hit on the pad by Boult.

    Contemporary Zealand could have had three or four wickets already.

  8. Marc Gridley:Terrifying time to glean every other coffee. My heart is taking half in additional beats per minute than a Dave Grohl drum solo as it is with these Boult and Henry banana balls.

  9. Eng 16-0

    Need 226 runs to get

    Hi there! That is the Jason Roy we had been frail to. He’s tranquil going to settle a peep at and set up the stress on the Kiwis. He costs Henry, has a thump but will get more high than distance.

    The ball plugs out at deep mid-wicket and England inch two.

  10. Post substitute

  11. Eng 13-0

    Roy 11, Bairstow 1

    Those 230 runs to get are taking a peep a prolonged come off upright now. Jason Roy fiddles tentatively out of doors off to Henry and is overwhelmed.

  12. Post substitute

    This became once end. Very end. The little bit of fortune England want?

    Video utter

    Video caption: ‘How is that no longer out?’ – Roy survives lbw overview first ball
  13. Eng 12-0

    England want 230 more runs to get

    Jason Roy hits help. Come what would possibly he manages to set up that closing transport out of his thoughts and he advances to Boult, flicking him by the off aspect for four.

    This is tantalizing.

  14. Post substitute

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Take a look at Match Special

    What a ball that is!

    Jason Roy became once executed for tempo, length, and swing. He’s nutmeggd him with a yorker. Trent Boult is on fire.

    Trent Boult

    Copyright: Reuters

  15. Eng 7-0

    This is bowling of the excellent quality. Boult now beats Roy all finally ends up. The England opener finally ends up being nutmegged by every other paunchy, swinging transport.

  16. Emmy:Trent Boult is a grisly bowler.

    Si Lomas:Has Trent Boult bowled his allocation yet?

  17. Eng 7-0

    Two and a half of overs in and England have had the fortune to this level. Bairstow goes for a force, inner edges onto his boot and the ball trickles correct previous his stumps, missing by a fraction.

  18. Post substitute

  19. Ben Howard:Squeaky bum time.

    Jim:My heart is going relish a hamster’s.

  20. Eng 6-0

    It be swinging for Trent Boult. How prolonged will that proceed? Jonny Bairstow will get one who hoops help in in opposition to his entrance pad.

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