Episode 2: Birmingham – Beyond the blade podcast | Society

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Disclaimer: This podcast contains conversations about violent crime which some listeners may find disturbing. Parental guidance for children is strongly advised.

Since 2017 we have been investigating the impact of knife crime on Britain’s young people and exposing the myths that surround it in our Beyond the blade project. In this new series of podcasts, people from around the country have allowed us to listen to, and record, conversations they’re having within their communities about knife crime.

In the second episode we meet Alison Cope, a mother who knows first-hand how fear reverberates through communities like hers in Birmingham. We also hear from Darryl, who reminds us how much praise and encouragement can turn a young life around. And finally from Alan and Megan – two parents who worry about how the community might begin to heal following a ***** of a young person.

Rather than report on their conversations, we let them speak for themselves.

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