August 18, 2019

F1 pre-season testing – day three

Charles Leclerc

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  1. Ferrari fastest in day one and two
  2. Earn fervent #bbcf1
  3. Williams anticipated to commence testing after lunch

Dwell Reporting

By Niamh Lewis

All cases stated are UK

  1. this page.

    Nevertheless, since the dialogue so a long way this day is on the Williams’ late arrival to Barcelona, we’re making an strive to know what your thoughts are on the group.

    After the kind of disappointing season final year, it be no longer been essentially the most certain of begins. But is it downhill from here, or accurate a hiccup?

    Earn fervent by arrangement of the #bbcf1 hashtag on Twitter.

  • ‘If the car isn’t offering any solutions, the bosses will seemingly be’

    Chris Medland

    F1 journalist in Barcelona

    Be awake
    the day earlier than this day’s empty Williams storage, with accurate a account for automobile on expose? Effectively, correct
    to beget, the monitors are up this morning now the fresh automobile has arrived. It’s
    rarely a riveting photograph, but it definitely tells a a lot greater tale of a automobile that is
    sooner or later here and being labored on.

    There’s hundreds of chatter in the motivate of those monitors, with the car being
    built and mechanics animated at work. The group don’t inquire the car to sprint unless
    after lunch and that’s handiest if the fabricate goes smoothly.

    Deputy group important Claire Williams and chief technical officer
    Paddy Lowe will both discuss this afternoon, so even though the car isn’t offering
    any solutions, the bosses will seemingly be.

    Williams storage

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  • here is the lot.

    Bask in your vote here.


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  • ‘Song prerequisites accurate don’t appear to be accurate for any performance testing’

    Chris Medland

    F1 journalist in Barcelona

    It be an overcast commence to day three, resulting in be aware
    temperatures staying low for longer this morning. Sebastian Vettel opens the
    day by conducting aerodynamic testing with a series of sensors on the Ferrari
    SF90, lapping before all the pieces on the plump moist tyre despite it being fully dry.

    That accurate highlights how unrepresentative running is that this
    early on – be aware prerequisites accurate don’t appear to be accurate for any performance testing.
    Chatting to Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz trackside the day earlier than this day, Ricciardo
    stated the be aware is love ice early in the morning, while Sainz added the softest
    compound has handiest been chosen with set up laps in thoughts at this stage
    (the softest compounds present more grip).

  • Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 author

    By some means, it looks to be to be like love the fresh Williams will sprint on
    be aware in some unspecified time in the future this day. The group bask in neglected the first two days of the check
    for the explanation that automobile turn out to be once no longer ready in time, a pain that has created within
    stress at WiIlliams, and it will definitely flew to Spain on Tuesday night time, arriving
    on the be aware at 0400, per Williams.

    The mechanics now must total
    constructing it, and there are inevitably going to hiccups with that path of. That’s
    accurate what occurs with prototypes. They are saying: “There might maybe be quiet a perfect quantity of work to total as anticipated, so it be no longer seemingly to sprint unless
    after lunch, but each person is doing as a lot as they’ll”.

  • Stunning morning

    Welcome to day three of F1 testing. This day we’ve the once mighty Williams group with us. They arrived on the circuit at 04:00, and will hit the be aware after lunch.

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