August 26, 2019

F1 testing back under way in Barcelona

Haas contemporary automotive

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  1. McLaren ruin down monitor; Hamilton tests contemporary Mercedes for first time
  2. Earn involved #bbcf1
  3. Raikkonen spins astray; Haas, Racing Level & Alfa Romeo unveil contemporary autos
  4. Williams automotive might perhaps per chance well no longer be ready until as a minimal Wednesday

Live Reporting

By Niamh Lewis

All instances acknowledged are UK

  1. Put up update

    Daniel Ricciardo is out in his contemporary automotive. Is yellow his coloration? Earn involved by capability of #bbcf1

  2. Most up-to-date instances

    1. Vettel 1:18.161 (105 laps)
    2. Raikkonen 1:19.483 (60)
    3. Verstappen 1:19.600 (60)
    4. Perez 1:19.944 (25)
    5. Bottas 1:20.127 (69)
    6. Sainz 1:20.430 (58)
    7. Hamilton 1:20.521 (17)
    8. Hulkenberg 1:20.980 (65)
    9. Grosjean 1:21.500 (18)
    10. Kvyat 1:21.732 (35)
    11. Ricciardo 1:22.637 (5)
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    Ryan Hendry: The indisputable reality that Williams are supreme announcing that their automotive is no longer going to dash until Wednesday “On the earliest”, suggests to me they would per chance per chance no longer even scheme Wednesday.

    Going to be a protracted season for Williams, I contemplate. Sad to look for the kind of colossal group in the mess it currently is.

    Callum Barrington: The Haas if truth be told does remind of the 2012/2013 Lotus, modern and dazzling. I web no longer negate we might perhaps per chance unite Kimi and Romain for venerable instances’ sake?

    Daniel: The Ferrari goes swiftly however or no longer it is supreme as factual as the man riding it. Is on the full a scheme or ruin season for Vettel.

  4. Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

    The automotive is accrued on the group’s manufacturing facility
    in Grove, Oxfordshire, and the contemporary hope is that this might be ready to cruise to
    Spain dead on Tuesday.

    Which technique it is no longer going at this stage that the automotive will
    dash first thing Wednesday morning, nonetheless the group are hoping to web it out on to
    the monitor at some stage that day.

    The prolong is leading to hypothesis referring to the technique forward for
    chief technical officer Paddy Lowe, who joined from Mercedes in 2017 and is
    in a roundabout plan guilty for the automotive.

    Correct as pertaining to for Williams, insiders notify the automotive does
    no longer search for love this might be hasty when it does finally hit the monitor.

    Sources notify the automotive is projected to be as vital as two
    seconds slower than most engrossing three hundred and sixty five days’s, which used to be already the slowest on the grid.

    Rule adjustments to entrance wings have lowered downforce nonetheless many
    teams have clawed a colossal fragment of it support.

    If the note from reliable thru the group is correct, Williams
    is also facing a season adrift of the the leisure of the discipline.

  • Put up update

    Hamilton posts a 1:24.634, which puts him in tenth (most engrossing) currently after his first lap. He’s support in the pit lane for a short time with some Flo-Vis on his Mercedes.

    Flo-Vis is a form of paint which is utilized to clear areas of the automotive ahead of it goes out for a lap or two. The paint runs as the air flows over the automotive, to give the group a trace of the course of airflow, and where they’ll help aerodynamics overall.

  • Put up update

    Saub… I mean Alfa Romero unveiled their ‘contemporary’ livery earlier. It be practically the identical as most engrossing three hundred and sixty five days, nonetheless varied to their Valentine’s Day livery to the widespread. What discontinuance we contemplate?

    Identical principles apply, thumbs up, thumbs down or tweet #bbcf1 for a tell.

    Alfa Romeo

    Copyright: Alfa Romeo Twitter

    Alfa Romeo

    Copyright: Alfa Romeo Twitter


    Copyright: Alfa Romeo Twitter

  • Put up update

  • Hamilton is out

    Hamilton fans will doubtless be at liberty to know he’s out on the monitor in his contemporary W10 EQ Vitality.

  • Put up update

  • Put up update

    Sebastian Vettel chatting with Sky Sports activities, says: “Things are varied
    nonetheless the atmosphere is factual and issues are transferring in the staunch technique [within the team]. We search for forward to starting all over again, and we if truth be told deserve to web support in and power nonetheless we need
    to be patient. There is a form of folk working to create these two autos and or no longer it is
    an a honour to power it so I will discontinuance the supreme I will.”

    “From the skin it
    looks to be varied, Mattia Binotto (the contemporary Ferrari group major) has been spherical ahead of and he did a factual job and
    continues to total so.

    “We have now a form of gleaming folk on board and to boot they continue to
    discontinuance the identical job, largely or no longer it is no longer a revolution on epic of Mattia has been here for years and folk already know what to quiz and one of the crucial easiest ways it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance plan it.”

    Sebastian Vettel

    Copyright: Reuters

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    Tweet us by capability of #bbcf1

    Lewis Armstrong: First day of the F1 season McLaren quietly racking up the laps, undoubtedly they haven’t built a reliable automotive this three hundred and sixty five days??

    John Monks: Successfully I’m coloration blind nonetheless even I will explore that McLaren livery is ocularly offensive. What used to be notorious with the classic white and crimson?

    Weilong Liang: Can’t reduction nonetheless dread McLaren ditching Honda to placate Alonso will damage the group in the long term as Red Bull climb the timing charts.

    Paul Nicholson: They might per chance per chance per chance no longer have the quickest automotive this season, nonetheless @WilliamsRacing have the supreme searching automotive by a ways!

    Looks love toothpaste, web no longer you seen?

  • Put up update

  • Circuit de Catalunya

    Whenever it is seemingly you’ll per chance per chance even be wondering what the monitor looks to be love when we purchase talking about “chicanes”, then this might additionally accrued scheme extra sense…


    Copyright: BBC

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    Repeat us what you seen of the contemporary liveries by capability of #bbcf1 on Twitter

    Alistair Knott: Sad Haas, shock how hot this might additionally web in the excessive temp races?

    R. Molloy: Following the #bbcf1 attempting out coverage whereas I form up a uni project.

    I’m accrued getting my head spherical Sauber becoming Alfa Romeo at such short look. It be potentially going to confuse me all season!

    Bob McFeil: The McLaren livery is glorious, the Red Bull is tiring and Racing Level looks to be awful… so no alternate to most engrossing three hundred and sixty five days then!

  • Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

    Williams have suffered an further blow ahead of the contemporary season, with the group announcing their automotive will doubtless no longer dash until “Wednesday on the earliest”.

    The concerns technique Williams are poised to fail to remember as a minimal two days of the eight days of pre-season attempting out attributable to delays building the contemporary automotive.

    Deputy group boss Claire Williams acknowledged the prolong is “extraordinarily disappointing”.

    Williams done most engrossing of 10 teams in 2018 and were hoping to scheme development after inside restructuring.

    Learn extra here.

    Claire Williams

    Copyright: Getty Pictures

  • We’re support for added on day one amongst attempting out

  • What’s came about this morning?

    It be lunchtime in Barcelona and the autos are in the garages. So let’s be love cricket for once and lumber for a food ruin in-between intervals. Sight you in an hour.

    • Kimi Raikkonen goes off on the gravel at turn 5 causing the first crimson flag of the session, nonetheless and not using a damage to himself or the automotive
    • Sebastian Vettel spins out of the most engrossing chicane, nonetheless continues as if nothing ever came about
    • Romain Grosjean grinds to a discontinuance with a loss of fuel pressure, causing the second crimson flag of the session
    • Haas, Alfa Romeo, and Red Bull, unveil their contemporary autos and liveries
    • Sebastian Vettel leads the timing board, adopted by Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas
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