June 25, 2019

F1 testing day seven – Leclerc in action

Charles Leclerc

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  1. Day seven of eight Formula 1 checking out days (final day is Friday)
  2. Lewis Hamilton with an early scoot in his Mercedes
  3. McLaren had been the fastest on Tuesday (Lando Norris) and Wednesday (Carlos Sainz)
  4. Salvage entangled: What are the glorious and worst-attempting F1 autos of all time? #bbcf1

Live Reporting

By Michael Emons

All cases mentioned are UK

  1. Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

    Wednesday became as soon as one more
    low-key day for Mercedes, and the workforce’s press open at the cease of it – they
    dangle not accomplished any interviews but this week – urged all became as soon as not successfully.

    bought a host of laps which is a correct ingredient, but we now dangle bump into a couple of little hurdles,” mentioned Lewis Hamilton.

    “We’re moral working our come thru them,
    attempting to be as diligent as imaginable attempting to love the causes – which is
    exactly what checking out is for. All people appears to be like to be working flat-out and I’m sure we are in a position to
    derive there. You wish days love this (on Wednesday) so as to carry gentle to the issues that
    we now must work on.”

    Technical director James Allison mentioned they had
    encountered ‘graining’ considerations with the tyres on Hamilton’s scuttle-simulation
    scuttle, and that whereas he expected that to be a novel teach this year, they
    desired to “guarantee that we now dangle a correct come of handling it by the level the racing
    season begins.

    Lewis Hamilton

    Copyright: Getty Pictures

  • Andrew Benson

    BBC Sport’s chief F1 writer

    Leclerc has moral accomplished a 17.253 on the C2 tyre. That’s a unique tyre-corrected benchmark for pre-season checking out.

    And Bottas says: “They (Ferrari) aloof appear stable … I mediate we enact must free up extra from the unique equipment so as to compete with them well”

  • Put up update

    No longer as a lot as an hour of the outlet session remaining before all people dashes to derive some food at 12:00 GMT.

  • Unbelievable Ferrari

    A substantial lap from Charles Leclerc takes his Ferrari as a lot as third.

    His time is a lap of 1:17.253, but, doubtlessly extra importantly, it came on the C2s (the 2d hardest tyre), whereas Lando Norris and Pierre Gasly’s glorious efforts had been on the softest compound we now dangle, the C5s.

    Leclerc’s time is decrease than two tenths slower than Norris’ leading effort of 1:17.084.

  • Our leader…

    About a seconds of Lando Norris zooming by for you. He’s our leader within the period in-between, moral as he became as soon as two days within the past.

  • Salvage Enthusiastic #bbcf1

    That are the glorious and worst-attempting F1 autos of all time?

    Right here are some extra beauties…

    Bob McFeil: Ideal attempting automobile of all time? 1992 Williams, obviously!

    Craig: As for the glorious attempting automobile, I’m gonna ignore the evident love the ‘92 FW14-B and I’m gonna dash with the 2012 MP4-27. The chrome regarded fabulous and they even made a step nose peek swish. I loved it! Unhappy to dash attempting the chrome is rarely any extra for McLaren.

    Loving all these recommendations for glorious and worst-attempting autos. Retain them coming in. We are going to withhold this chat going all the map thru the day.

  • Stress-free within the solar

    They’re at the bottom of the pile time wise at present, but some powerful wanted info and time within the automobile for George Russell and Williams.

  • Time check

    1. Lando Norris (McLaren, 1:17.084, 30 laps)
    2. Pierre Gasly (Purple Bull, 1:17.091, 33 laps)
    3. Alexander Albon (Toro Rosso, 1:17.426, 40 laps)
    4. Nico Hulkenberg (Renault, 1:17.496, 41 laps)
    5. Lance Stroll (Racing Level, 1:18.000, 29 laps)
    6. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes, 1:18.097, 43 laps)
    7. Kevin Magnussen (Haas, 1:18.199, 51 laps)
    8. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari, 1:18.344, 28 laps)
    9. Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo, 1:18.559, 37 laps)
    10. George Russell (Williams, 1:19.232, 26 laps)


    C2 (2d hardest) – Stroll, Hamilton

    C3 (medium) – Albon, Leclerc, Giovinazzi

    C4 (2d softest) – Russell

    C5 (softest) – Norris, Gasly, Hulkenberg

    Developmental – Magnussen

  • Salvage Enthusiastic #bbcf1

    That are the glorious and worst-attempting F1 autos of all time?

    Time for some extra stinkers.

    Al Mackenzie: Worst attempting automobile. The Mclaren from 2008. Very a lot surprised Lewis and Alonso could presumably look the leisure out of it.

    Sam Bowen: With regards to the Bar 1999 they desired to scuttle two varied liveries, but the FIA refused if I bear in mind upright, so they cut every automobile in half of and zipped the halves together.

  • Norris regains high converse

    Nonetheless not for prolonged! Or not it’s fully checking out, but it completely’s getting competitive. Lando Norris, carrying the C5 softest tyres, all over again jumps to the dwell with a 1:17.084.

    Who will be first within the 1.16s?

  • Albon assist to the dwell

    But any other trade at the dwell. This time Alexander Albon with a 1:17.480 on the medium C3 tyre. That formulation Lance Stroll, Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and Nico Hulkenberg dangle all had spells leading the come.

    Albon became as soon as fastest early on, and is fastest all over again.

  • Reminder of the vote result

    By the come, this year’s Alfa Romeo fully came third in our vote of glorious-attempting automobile of 2019.

    Let’s moral lisp I’m bowled over it fully came third.

    Right here are the outcomes all over again whereas you occur to omitted them.

    Vote result

    Copyright: BBC

  • ‘Plenty of action’

    Chris Medland

    F1 journalist in Barcelona

    The cease of the pit lane has seen deal of action to this level
    this morning. Teams continually perform relate starts when heading out on
    observe, which formulation a finish peek at the autos for the photographers. Customarily
    seeing a automobile stationary here is long-established, but every now after which it signals a
    teach after a automobile became as soon as launched from the storage – generally seen on telemetry
    – that then requires a driver to stop.

    Within the afternoon session it’s miles susceptible to be a correct indicator of a
    scuttle simulation, too. Autos will pressure thru the pit lane as if they are
    arriving on the grid, so complete burnouts after which pull up at the pit exit to
    struggle thru the delivery direction of and open into their first stint.

    I mention the photographers, and for some it be the precise
    converse to derive a detailed photo of a explicit portion of a automobile, with groups willing to
    pay for “look shots” of their rivals to strive to quandary their

    Pit lane

    Copyright: Chris Medland

  • Salvage Enthusiastic #bbcf1

    That are the glorious and worst-attempting F1 autos of all time?

    Our chief F1 writer Andrew Benson has bought alive to with our glorious-attempting automobile of all time debate. He says: “A bawl out for the Brabham BT45 (pictured below), and the Ferraris 126C2 and 641.”

    Some extra of your verdicts…

    Steve: Ideal attempting F1 Autos? Straightforward, in show, 1993 McLaren MP4/8, 1991 Jordan 191, 1989 Ferrari 640.

    Michael Cooper: Jordan 191. Work of artwork. Successfully accomplished Gary Anderson.


    Copyright: Getty Pictures

    Describe caption: Carlos Reutemann drives the Brabham BT45 Alfa Romeo Flat-12 before Patrick Depailler within the Tyrrell P34 Ford V8 at some level of the British GP on 18 July, 1976 at Producers Hatch
  • One more trade at the dwell

    Nico Hulkenberg spoils our fun as he goes sooner than Lando Norris, with a 1:17.496, despite the indisputable truth that the Hulk has had to placed on the softest tyre imaginable, the C5s, to enact so.

    Hulkenberg, Norris, Gasly, Hamilton, Leclerc. That’s our high five.

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