Franchise tag primer: Teams can start tagging players

Stamp, you are it.
Tuesday, February 19, marks the major day NFL golf equipment can designate the franchise or transition designate. The 2-week window closes at 4 p.m. ET on March 5.’s Gregg Rosenthal already broke down gamers we also can ask of to safe tagged internal the following fortnight — a neighborhood that contains DeMarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, Dee Ford and others.
What does “getting slapped with the franchise designate” in actual fact mean?
NFL golf equipment find three different tagging choices to withhold gamers doubtlessly beneath personnel maintain watch over on a one-yr tender within the absence of a protracted-duration of time deal: 1) Non-interesting franchise designate; 2) Uncommon franchise designate; 3) Transition designate.

Non-interesting franchise designate: Right here’s the most ordinarily used designate. When commentators colloquially talk over with the “franchise designate” they’re in general talking relating to the non-interesting model. Right here’s a one-yr tender provide for an quantity at the least the frequent of the tip five salaries at the player’s space over the previous five years, or 120 p.c of his outdated wage, whichever is greater. The player can negotiate with other groups. The player’s contemporary personnel has the becoming to envision any provide, or receive two first-spherical draft picks as compensation if he indicators with one other organization.
Uncommon franchise designate: A one-yr tender provide to a player for an quantity at the least the frequent of the tip five salaries at the player’s space for the hot yr, or 120 p.c of his outdated wage, whichever is greater. The player can no longer negotiate with one other personnel. The bump in pay scale (contemporary sensible wage versus averaging of the outdated five years) formula handiest the very finest receive this designate — gamers for whom groups would gladly give up two first-spherical picks to sign. In general, QBs are the in all likelihood to receive an interesting designate, but the Pittsburgh Steelers used it on working succor Le’Veon Bell last yr.
Transition designate: The transition designate is in general a half of-measure utilized to give a company the likelihood to envision a contract. The transition designation is a one-yr tender provide for an quantity that is the frequent of the tip 10 salaries at the space — as in opposition to top five for the franchise designate. It guarantees the contemporary club the becoming of first refusal to envision any provide the player also can receive from one other club. The tagging personnel is awarded no compensation if it chooses no longer to envision a deal. Excellent yr, the Chicago Bears positioned the transition designate on corner Kyle Fuller, then matched the contract provide from the Green Bay Packers.
Tagged gamers find till 4 p.m. ET on July 15 to negotiate a multiyear contract with the personnel. After July 15, the player also can merely sign handiest a one-yr contract along with his club for the 2019 season, and the deal can no longer be prolonged till after the personnel’s last traditional-season sport.
Players also can merely sign the tender at any level after officially being tagged. Till the tender is inked, the personnel can rescind the franchise or transition designate. As soon as the sheet is signed, the player’s wage is assured for that season. If a player doesn’t sign the tender, they dwell with out a contract, and therefore are no longer topic to gorgeous schedules for skipping offseason workouts (as we saw with Bell last yr). A player who has no longer signed the tender can additionally no longer be traded.
Every personnel can handiest use one designate every yr — they’ll’t designate every a franchise and transition player. A rescinded tender counts as a designate, which formula a personnel can’t designate one player, rescind it, and use a brand contemporary designate on one other player within the identical yr. A player also can also be tagged up to a couple times by his personnel, with a jump in pay every occurrence.
Franchise and transition designate figures for every space are in step with the wage cap for the 2019 season. In December, the NFL introduced the wage cap projections for 2019 are within the differ of $187 million to $191.1 million — one other huge expected expand over the 2018 cap of $177.2 million per club. The knowledgeable designate figures will we firmed when the closing wage cap figure is introduced.

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