Garden Safety This Storm Season

“This season we have been inundated with copious amounts of rain. It’s also the season we can expect to see a few good sized storms when people run for cover to avoid hail, wind, and rain. Too often accidents happen around the home during storms that can be prevented due to loose items being left in the garden. Garden safety is one of the most important things to consider during this time to protect yourselves and surrounding neighbors.

The responsible thing to do is be sure your garden is secure during strong winds and that no items are left that can be blown around to cause damage or injury.

Heading off for the holidays

Such is a perfect time for you to ensure that your home or your garden safety is free from any damages that may be brought about by a storm. A landscaping expert can advise you on the safety factor of your garden if you are having some landscaping done before you head off. Some key things to check yourself are any trees on your property.

Any branches that hang over your home or that may easily break off in a storm should be removed. Check your gutters and drainpipes and clear them of leaf debris. If your gutters are blocked water can build up and leak through the ceiling from the roof cavity.

Ensure any children’s toys, outdoor furniture and tools are put away and that your wheelie bin is secure and not vulnerable to being knocked over or overflowing. If you have a balcony of any part of your home, it’s a good idea to bring in any items that are not secure to avoid any mishaps.

If you don’t make sure any loose items are put away, these could possibly act as missiles whilst being thrown around in the wind and bring down power lines or cause damage to your property, others property and in worst cases, they could injure people.

Be garden savvy

The best way to see that your garden is a safe place during storm season is to have is professionally landscaped. This way you have the best advice on having a storm proof garden that is secure and well maintained.

With the correct retaining walls, drainage and plant selection advice relating to your land, you can feel safer knowing your garden will have a better chance to withstand the elements.

You can sign up to be alerted to any damaging storms headed your way enabling you to be prepared at all times.

All outdoor rooms have the ability to be safe ones. By having the area professionally landscaped and being responsible during the stormy weather all you have to do is keep dry.”

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