Gerald McCoy upset Bucs gave his No. 93 to Suh

Gerald McCoy acknowledged he would “never deliver anything unhealthy about Tampa” after the Buccaneers released him and he landed with the Carolina Panthers. However the worn All-Legitimate defensive address is clearly frustrated with how his time in Tampa Bay got right here to an close.
Acting on Fox Sports 1, McCoy took offense to the team precise now handing his No. 93 jersey to Ndamukong Suh, who the Bucs signed to a one-year contract after decreasing McCoy.
“As far as signing him, organizations must enact what they have to enact for these who let a participant of my caliber hotfoot, so I value that,” McCoy acknowledged. “But as far as giving freely my number, within the historical previous of the Bucs, they’ve a ring of honor, and all the easiest avid gamers within the group typically fetch their numbers retired.”
McCoy pointed to how the franchise handled other worn Bucs greats, and considers himself one of that community.

“When [Warren] Sapp left, John Lynch, [Derek Brooks], Lee Roy Selmon, Ronde Barber, when all these guys left, nobody wore their number,” McCoy acknowledged. “They didn’t give their number away, and it used to be a trace of admire. Well, six Legitimate Bowls, All-Legitimate four times, right here is Tampa Bay, and I’m one of the easiest avid gamers to ever play within the group. I could deliver it, typically I’d no longer, however I could deliver it, so what. It sort of reveals the honor and how they honestly feel about me, I deem it does.”
Added McCoy: “Them giving the number away, that’s their prerogative, however the honor they showed. It’d be varied if it used to be a guy who signed four or five years. That is a one-year deal … I point out, it’ll also merely seem relish or no longer it is precise a bunch, on the opposite hand or no longer it is bigger than that. Or no longer it is admire, and that used to be a substantial section of the separation between me and Tampa, duration, used to be the honor they showed to me all offseason, it precise wasn’t there.”
McCoy also acknowledged added that coach Bruce Arians used to be the completely coach or front set of job one who ever reached out to him outside the building, which in his mind underscored the dearth of admire he believes he deserved.
“I spoke to more folks in Baltimore’s, Cleveland’s and Carolina’s workers than I spoke to the Bucs all offseason, and that is the reason a truth,” he acknowledged.
With the Panthers web web region hosting Tampa in Week 2, McCoy also can no longer must wait long to repeat his worn team he’s tranquil primary of admire.

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