Germany ready to buy 3 new government planes

BERLIN (AP) — Germany is on the brink of fetch three unique govt planes after its increasing old hasty suffered a string of embarrassing breakdowns.

The dpa recordsdata company reported that Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen says Friday in Dresden that the govt. is engaged on the mumble. She added “right here is vital; each person can recognize that.”

Slight print on the airplane and their value weren’t straight on hand, though recordsdata magazine Der Spiegel reported the govt. intends to fetch Airbus A350s.

The most in vogue flagships of the govt.’s hasty are two practically 20-year-passe Airbus A340s. In November, Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived gradual on the Personnel of 20 summit in Argentina after a controversy with regarded as one of them compelled it to indicate aid.

This week, a controversy with the replacement airplane delayed President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s return from Ethiopia.

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