High Wheel Trimmers – A Relief for Sore Backs

After you trim those rough areas – patches of uneven surface, high grass and weeds in and around your lawn – with a hand-held grass trimmer, does your back get sore? Do your hands and arms tingle from the vibration caused by the high-speed, whiny engine? Are you satisfied with the results of all your labor?Well, you would be happy to know that there is an easier way to cut rough areas. That is with a high wheel trimmer where the tall, 12-inch, rear wheels support the weight of a much larger engine. All you have to do is push the trimmer and watch it effortlessly cut a 22-inch wide swath out of weeds and high grass in its way.High Wheel trimmers come with larger, stronger motors than the hand-held units. Usually about 6 horsepower so they can easily cut through the most difficult mixture of grasses and weeds. They can handle much larger jobs. If you have ever tried to cut with a hand-held trimmer an overgrown area stuffed with weeds and tall grasses, you know how much work that can be. This is an ideal example of an area where a wheel trimmer would excel.Cutting rough areas with a lawn mower can be risky. If you don’t have your height set correctly, you could hit something hard or dig in and bend a blade which is much more expensive to replace than breaking a string off a trimmer. In most similar situations a string would not break, but if it did it’s only pennies to replace. And the end result, the area cut, is usually much neater after using a high wheel trimmer. A lawn mower might gouge out an uneven surface making the end result ugly and messy.The high wheel grass trimmer is easy to maneuver because it has large rear wheels. Most people are amazed at how much easier it is to push than a conventional lawn mower. And a wheel trimmer like a hand-held, weed whacker can be brought right up to an object such as a tree or a house to trim weeds and grasses, whereas by design a lawn mower can’t cut that close.As a matter of safety, the high wheel trimmer is safer than a lawn mower because it has rotating, plastic strings as opposed to the metal blades of a grass mower. The user has to squeeze and hold a lever close to the handle to engage the strings. Once the lever is released they quickly stop. The strings are at the front of the trimmer about four feet from the driver, and the user while operating the unit can’t come in contact with them.The strings on the wheel trimmer are much thicker than those on a hand-held unit. They are designed to handle thicker weeds and grasses.Vibration from the handle is probably the same as from a lawn mower. So when you are done trimming, you need not worry about having a sore back or tingling hands.
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