How to Write Up a Resume – What a Potential Employer Needs to Know

Many job-hunters want to know how to write up a resume so it will be noticed by potential employers. That's a good strategy, but it is useless if the resume does not contain information that leads to an interview and eventually a job offer.

Think of your resume as a house. It's nice to look good from the outside, but you would not want to live there if you got inside and discovered that the floors were rotten through and the walls were falling down.

Similarly, you want your resume to look good, but it also has to contain basic information that will show that you are the best person for the job.

Your resume should always include:

  • Contact information . Your name should be in the most prominent position. It should be in a larger font size so it immediately catches the reader's attention. Also list your address, home and cell phone numbers, email address and website address. You may also want to include your presence any social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • A defined job objective. You want to state clearly what you want to accomplish in your career. The prospective employer should have no doubt that you are seeking the exact job they need filled.
  • A work history. It's best to call this "Professional History" or "Professional Experience." List all the jobs you've held in reverse chronological order. Provide the most detail about your recent positions. You can also include service work, internships and volunteer experience if they are relevant.
  • Educational history. List your academic credentials in reverse chronological order. Show completed degrees or licenses, and then certificates and key training. Follow with any education in progress with a proposed date of completion.

Other possible areas to include are affiliations and references. Affiliations should only be used if they apply to your career. Including references can depend on the position you are seeking or the request in the information about the job opening.

Your resume needs to attract immediate attention, but you also need to learn how to write up a resume so it keeps the reader interested.

Source by Stephen DeVane

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