Indonesia urges UN to stop impunity of Israel

UN must seek accountability on various human rights violations made by Israel.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Indonesia has urged the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva to immediately end impunity on Israel, ambassador Hasan Kelub said in a press release received here on Tuesday. Indonesia reffirmed its position to firmly defend the legitimate and fundamental rights of the Palestinian people in the meeting.

“It has been more than 60 years Iarael has made the region a theatre of tension and violence. The people of Palestine faces hardships everyday while Israel has stubbornly continued ignoring the international community’s calls to end its illegal occupation of Palestinian land,” ambassador Hasan Kleib, the Indonesian permanent representatives in the UN, WTO and other international organizations in Geneva said.

He said Indonesia urged the UN Human Rights Council to immediately take a real action to end the impunity that Israel has so far enjoyed and to seriously seek accountability on various human rights violations made by Israel in the Palestinian occupied land.

He reiterated that Israel has blatantly violated various international laws through illegal development of settlements and separation walls and limiting the mobility of Palestinian people.

Kleib said the use of arms as a violent means on Palestinian civilians in Gaza recently must become a reminder for the UN to immediately take concrete actions to assure end of inhuman Israeli policies and withdrawal of Israek from the occupied land.

Indonesia hailed the formation of Commission of Inquiry recently which is in line with Indonesia’s call, he said.

He said Indonesia hoped the CoI that would investigate human rights violations by Israeli security forces on Palestinian civilians during a peaceful protest in Gaza since March 2018 could carry out its mandate effectively.

It also urged the CoI to produce a recommendation relating to mechanism of accountability for the Israeli parties that have committed violence using arms on the Palestinian civilians.

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