Install Outdoor Wonder Scenes With Stone Pavers Set in Sand

Several DIY home improvement projects could be accomplished during a single weekend with the help of family members and friends. Perhaps you need to install shelves in the garage, replace the kitchen sink, build a new landscape or paint the kid bedroom.

Consider setting pavers in the sand in order to create a garden path with stepping stones, a front walkway or an elaborate backyard patio. Read the following guide to successful installation and be inspired.

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First, choose from our Pavers Collection. Select the most suitable, according to the project in mind. Plan the layout.

Second, collect gravel, sand, and dirt. You will also need flexible landscape edging and straight 2″ x 4″ boards. Tools like shovels, trowels, a rake, tamper, and hammer. Arrange for a dead-blow mallet, level, and tape.

Third, get rid of grass and weeds, along with the roots. Measure accurately, since pavers will be needed accordingly.

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Fourth, have a little slope to drain water in rain, perhaps a ¼ inch to a paver foot.

Fifth, mark the area with 2″ x 4″ boards for level areas and flexible edging for the sloping places. Stake them to make it firm. These are temporary and will be removed when the job is done.

Sixth, spread a layer of gravel and then of dirt and sand over it. Use the rake to level each layer well.

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Seventh, use a hand tamper over the entire area to make the base compact. With a 2″ x 4″ board on the side, pull in your direction for the final grading and get rid of any excess sand.

Eighth, install the pavers on the sand, according to the planned pattern. Be careful not to slide them and avoid sand between the sides. Complete the paver installation with the bricks squeezed tight together.

Nine, put fine sand over the paver surfaces and use a broom to put it between the pavers. Repeat over some weeks until the sand settles.

Ten, it is time to take out the wooden frames.

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• Get very particular about measurements before laying the pavers.

• If you plan complex patterns, rehearse the layout in advance to get it perfectly right.

• If pavers slide while installing, remove them, use a trowel to smooth the surface and place them again.

Save money with DIY projects for entertainment spots, flagstone gardens or walkways.

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