J.B. Smoove Shows LeBron James His Monstar Moves, Put Me In ‘Space Jam 2’!

J.B. Smoove

Shows LeBron His Monstar Moves

… Put Me In ‘Space Jam 2’!

9/22/2018 12:05 AM PDT


J.B. Smoove LOVES “Space Jam” … and he’s pulling out all the stops to get in the LeBron-led sequel — showing off his best basketball alien impression!!!

We got the comedian leaving Craig’s on Wednesday and he was adamant he’d be perfect for a spot in the new flick.

“LeBron, if I don’t get a part in ‘Space Jam,’ I would lose my marbles, man!” Smoove says.

That’s when Smoove reveals he’d be the PERFECT Monstar … and we gotta say — his E.T. moves are LEGIT.

And … just in case LBJ isn’t moved by those — Smoove says he’d make for a great assistant coach too! 

“Give me a call, man,” Smoove says to LeBron. “Make it happen!”

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