Landscape Lights Ideas

“The types of lights used for landscape lights are varied and used according to where they will be placed, how they will be used, and what effect is needed.

Gardens were first illuminated by firelight. Later when oil was widely available, that was used to good effect. Then gas light became available in the 19th century, and in the 20th-century electricity, which is, of course, the most popular and widely used source of landscape lighting in the 21st century.

Electric Lighting

This is supplied from the mains power from the house. With the high cost of this, came inventive and cost-effective solar lights, and led lights.

The wiring electrical light is normally fed with underground wiring, but landscape lights and lamps are available which use rechargeable batteries making use of the sun during the day from a solar panel.

Floodlights come in Halogen, Sodium, Mercury, Solar or Led. Floodlights are mainly used as lights for the landscape to illuminate large areas of the garden, and for security reasons outside the perimeter of the house. These floodlights give a very bright light and can work with a sensor, whereby they only come on when someone approaches within a certain distance of the light.

Spotlights: These also come in Mercury, Solar or Led. These lights are used to illuminate specific features and are used in a number of ways as such. These are very effective when used correctly to feature trees, fountains, walls, shrubs and garden statues. They can be used in many ways.

Recessed lights are popular, as these come in a strong casing which is recessed in the ground to give ambient lighting on pathways and features.

Underwater lights come in colors and are used for the illumination of waterfalls, fountains, and pools. These give a spectacular effect on the garden when lit up at night.”

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