Lil Pump Losing Out On $1 Million After Fall Shows Canceled

Lil Pump

Losing Out On $1 Mil

… Fall Shows Canceled

10/1/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Lil Pump is missing out on a huge payday … the rapper just had 15 shows scrapped and we’ve learned it’s preventing him from earning 7 figures!

We’re told Lil Pump was getting $70,000 per show on his upcoming tour … and with 15 concerts off the table, he’s losing out on $1,050,000!

Adding insult to injury … the “Gucci Gang” rapper says he’s going back to jail for a couple months for violating his parole when he got busted in Miami during a traffic stop. We’re guessing that’s the reason his tour was banged.

Pump was supposed to start touring September 28 with stops in 10 states and Canada … but his concerts and cash are going out the window.  

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