Mitchell Trubisky throws ‘support’ behind Cody Parkey

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy did no longer like Cody Parkey’s appearance on The At present time Show following his double-doink scurry over in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, calling it a “me” and no longer a “we” circulation.
Parkey garnered extra empathy from the team’s franchise quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky said this week from the Pro Bowl that the gamers will have to love Parkey’s reduction.

“It is a ways what it’s,” Trubisky said, by means of “He made a non-public resolution, and us being teammates and a family, we’ve appropriate received to red meat up our guys it’s no longer of course fundamental what they manufacture. So whether we agree with it or no longer it of course would no longer matter. We’re going to red meat up our guys and red meat up our family and when we glean reduction to Chicago we will glean reduction to work and or no longer it will be love nothing ever took field.
“He appropriate made a non-public resolution. … He is been going by means of plenty, taking the total warmth from the kick even supposing it did glean tipped — and making that resolution to circulation on ‘The At present time Show,’ if that is something that he felt love he needed to fabricate, we’ve received to red meat up him as teammates and brothers and we are in a position to.”
Parkey struggled all over the season even before the playoff scurry over, which used to be in part tipped by an Eagles defender.
There could be a actual likelihood that in the following couple of months Parkey will no longer be a teammate of Trubisky.

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