Online Freelance Writing Jobs For Authors

For people with writing experience looking to make a few cheap, easy bucks online, look at a few freelance websites for affiliate marketers for some quick cash. It does not matter what you like to write, because of how widespread the needs of affiliate marketers are. If you can write 400-600 words, know a little about keywords, have a topic or two down really well, and like to write, you can make a few bucks by looking online for freelance writing jobs for authors.

Why online freelance writing jobs for authors for affiliate marketers? One main way affiliate, also known as the internet marketing advertising is to write articles on the subject about which they are promoting. For example, if they are promoting a weight loss product, they will write articles about weight loss. It can become time-consuming, and many with the capital to spend outsource it to save time, to let someone else who writes better write, and someone who knows more about the subject write about it. This is when you come into the picture.

Freelance writing jobs for authors is nice because if you have a few days of little to nothing planned, you can spend your time writing articles for other people. You may have one of those liberal arts degrees that may be collecting dust, but now you have to opportunity to use what you learned from writing a lot in college.

And the more often you write 500 word articles, the quicker you will be able to write them in the future. Most of the time, you will write more than one article, so it will be to your advantage to write faster as to increase your turnaround time, which will ostensibly mean to more money being earned.

The details will be worked out between you and the person who is hiring you for the articles. The money changing hands will vary, as you may have to bid against others.

But with good, reliable work, you may be able to have a few favorite clients for whom you write. From what I have experienced, it usually comes down to $10-20 per article written.

Once you become good at writing articles, it may only take you 20-30 minutes to write an article. So you will have the opportunity to write freelance for around $30-40 per hour if you want to think of it that way. It is definitely a nice way to make some extra money in this economy when you have some downtime.

Online freelance writing jobs for authors gives those who like and are good at writing a way to make money relatively easily. You may not be able to make a career out of it, but you will be able to make extra money by writing a few articles here and there.

Source by Christian Lautenschleger

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