Pats DC Brian Flores won’t talk about Dolphins future

ATLANTA — Brian Flores gained’t discuss his next job.
The presumptive Miami Dolphins head coach used to be adamant Monday from Big Bowl LIII Opening Evening that he’s engrossed within the uncover: a New England Patriots-Los Angeles Rams tilt with a Lombardi Trophy on the road.
“Correct now all my point of interest is on the Rams,” Flores acknowledged when asked point-easy if he would develop into the Dolphins’ next coach. “I in actual fact in actual fact feel bask in I’m doing a disservice to the avid gamers if my mind is wherever else but on this week, this game, and that is the reason roughly the attach I’m at.”

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Flores is anticipated to be named Miami’s newest head coach after the Big Bowl. Rapoport fundamental Monday that Flores’ workers continues to advance abet collectively, with Giants open air linebackers coach Robbie Leonard and Jaguars defensive coach Marion Hobby every joining the workers in Miami, per sources educated of the moves.
No matter Flores’ future in Miami, the Patriots’ defensive play caller is steadfast that he’s now not brooding about South Seaside.
“I bask in these guys. I bask in every fragment of the organization, that’s roughly the attach I’m at,” Flores acknowledged. “I’m locked in. I would possibly well well deliver the correct thing I’ve done over the direction of my profession is exhaust one thing at a time. Are attempting and give a exhaust to each day. I attempt to exhaust the day. Must you open brooding about other issues within the long term, you’re now not allowing for correct now. So, I’m allowing for our crew, our avid gamers. That is roughly my goal correct now. That is the attach I’m at.”
Flores hopes to head to Miami with a fourth Big Bowl ring.

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