Reich: Colts ‘don’t go on reputation’ in free agency

With a league-high $108 million in cap field, the Indianapolis Colts enter free agency primed to land a massive fish, or two, or three.
Indy has been linked to, amongst others, Steelers castoffs Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown, two stars who will doubtless garner high dollar or compensation after they procure their touchdown situation.
But would Bell or Brown fit in Indianapolis, which, since novel manager Chris Ballard took over in 2017, has developed a winning custom from the floor up?
Colts coach Frank Reich said earlier this week that Indy’s locker room is “no longer handsome originate to any mountainous player. That you just would possibly maybe possibly additionally hold got purchased to be the lawful guy. That you just would possibly maybe possibly additionally hold got purchased to be the lawful player.”

That seemed like a stamp to prospective free brokers and the league that Indy wasn’t going to play quick and unfastened with its chunky pockets.
On “Correct Morning Soccer” on Friday, Reich’s tone turned into more originate-minded in direction of potentialities with, disclose, baggage.
“It shall be case by case,” Reich said. “We rob an optimistic skill. Minds are originate. We produce no longer roam on reputation. We produce no longer roam on rumour. Chris and his team will sit down down and battle thru every player. Is he accessible? Is he the lawful fit? Carry out they fit into our scheme? Is this the lawful thing to attain for our group?”
The Colts taken aback in the 2018 season with a 10-6 yarn, a flee to the postseason and a blowout private in the Wild Card Spherical. While Indy can pork up at almost every inform, place for quarterback and left guard, the Colts produce no longer hold any obvious, irreparable holes on their roster for the first time rapidly.
This allows Indy to be uniquely explicit in how they evaluate high ability and unfold their wealth this offseason. In brief: There would possibly maybe be no longer any guarantee that handsome because Indy can smash the bank for Bell and/or Brown that the Colts will attain so.
“We settle on gamers that are seeking to recuperate, are seeking to be mountainous, are seeking to be fragment of the group, that are prepared to sacrifice most incessantly their particular individual stats for the betterment of winning and being a factual teammate,” Ballard said this week. “Within the occasion that they fit into that requirements, utterly they would possibly maybe possibly fit in.
“But it’ll be a strict requirements.”

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