Sandwich Duct Board Offers Excellent Insulation Properties

Foam insulation products have gained in popularity over the years, and for very good reason. Foam is generally very lightweight, meaning that there is typically not a great deal of load that is added to the building. This is very important in certain applications. By its nature, foam is known to have excellent insulation properties, both for keeping heat in and out, and so is a firm favourite in the construction industry.Spray foam insulation is one such product that is hugely popular in the building industry. This type of foam can also come in an expansion range. The foam is sprayed into any gaps, such as between a door frame and wall, and the foam will expand to fill the gap. The excellent feature is that the expansion will stop as soon as the gap is filled, meaning there are no extra pressures that the building material has to deal with.Other types of foam insulation include rigid foam products. These have their own benefits, and are often used in place of other traditional building materials. With more and more focus around the world on products being environmentally friendly, as well as green building practices, foam insulation products are definitely starting to dominate the market. Because homes and buildings can now be built and sealed properly, homes are able to be extremely efficient in terms of their temperature regulation. In fact, many building codes actually require new buildings to be very well insulated to a certain standard.One of the most well known types of rigid foam insulation is duct board. There are a number of important characteristics of sandwich duct board which should be considered if you are interested in using this product.Duct board is proportionally quite light, and as such can effectively decrease the overall load of the building;One of the primary benefits to using this material is that it is easy to install in comparison to other building materials, which means that construction periods can actually be shortened in certain cases;One of the primary reasons that sandwich duct board is used is because of the heat insulation properties which this material has. The product can be used for both high and low temperatures, depending on the specific application that you are interested in;While the heat insulation properties do vary by product, there is generally no need to leave building cavities for additional insulation material;While the specifications do vary per product, the duct board is generally fireproof, which means that material can be used for a range of other applications;Depending on the actual thickness of the material that is used, the board has sound resistant characteristics; andDuct board generally has a long life span, particularly if installed correctly and treated correctly.In many cases, the product is marketed because of its properties that are environmentally friendly. While this is debatable depending on the product, there is a lot to be said for using products which are good for the environment. So certainly consider duct board or other foam insulation products when planning your next build.
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