School leaders sanctioned over attendance data investigation

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — The end administrator in a single amongst Ohio’s biggest college districts is being sanctioned by the roar for his role in reporting incorrect student attendance records.

The Ohio Division of Education says Toledo colleges Superintendent Romules Durant can devour his training license positioned on stayed suspension for three years. Durant additionally can devour his training license suspended for 90 days and support that suspension over 30 days all the contrivance during the following three summers.

Durant and the district devour denied doing anything atrocious. Two other top Toledo college administrators additionally devour been sanctioned.

The roar says Durant had a most crucial role in “scrubbing” some college students who hadn’t left college from attendance rolls all the contrivance during the 2010-2011 college years.

The roar says the moves made the district’s performance seem better on roar epic cards.

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