Serie A clubs ask governing body for on-field ‘VAR challenges’

Italian football has been the expend of the video assistant referee diagram since the 2017-18 season

Might per chance a diagram the put managers are ready to make expend of ‘VAR challenges’ be launched in Italian football?

Serie A started the expend of the most contemporary video assistant referee diagram in 2017-18 but it has been criticised by managers.

Italian football’s governing body, the FIGC, has now requested Fifa for a diagram the put golf equipment can say choices and quiz for expertise to intervene.

It comes after a probability of Serie A golf equipment requested the FIGC made changes to permit an on-self-discipline evaluation by teams.

The FIGCbelieves managers desires to be allowed to say choices fancy in one more sports.

In high-level tennis events, gamers collect three challenges per honest the put they might be able to quiz for finish line calls to be reviewed, while teams also can quiz for reviews in worldwide cricket.

The FIGC says it is “pleased that, by persevering with the course already undertaken, football also can simply be introduced valid into a dimension ever nearer to the hundreds and hundreds of fans, without affecting the referee’s authority but rather by providing him with concrete tools”.

It has informally place the postulate to Fifa’s rule-making body, the World Soccer Affiliation Board (Ifab), and says it is ready to experiment with the usage of challenges.

The topic also can simply be discussed when Ifab holds its Annual Usual Meeting in Belfast on 29 February.

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