Sprinkler as A Vertical Garden Irrigation System

Vertical Garden Sprinkler Irrigation System

In ordinary irrigation systems, 50% of the water used for irrigation is used for plants, and the remainder is wasted. Using a sprinkler irrigation system, we can save 50% water compared to conventional irrigation.

Water is a key factor in improving the quality of the plant. Irrigation is a way that can be used to improve the quality of the plant. One of the modern ways of irrigation is to use a sprinkler irrigation system. This method is very popular in all developed countries in the world.


This sprinkler irrigation system basically uses pressurized water and exits through a device called a sprinkler. A sprinkler is usually located on a pipe called lateral. Water is sprayed into the air and then falls into the ground, watering the plants around it.

The sprinkler irrigation system uses a water spraying system such as natural rainfall. The water pressure is channeled and then released through a nozzle which then breaks the water out so it looks like raindrops. The water pressure comes from the pump that pushes water through the pipe then out through the nozzle.

We use a nozzle as a water breaker and also can be used to regulate the pressure of distance and capacity of water that comes out.

Components in this sprinkler irrigation system include water sources, either from open water sources (eg, rivers, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, etc.) or those from water reservoirs (eg water tanks, ground tanks, wells, etc.).

The unit for pushing water produces pressurized water to then be piped through and out through a nozzle (eg pump). Last is the sprinkler, which is the main component, including lateral pipe, riser pipe, and sprinkler (nozzle).

Here are some additional accessories commonly used in sprinkler irrigation systems:

1. Reducers
2. Elbows
3. End plug Tees
4. Regulators and Gauges
5. Valves
6. Filters

Generally, this sprinkler irrigation system is used on normal soil. But this system also suitable for sandy terrains, bumpy terrains, and many adopted for irrigation in the hills.

Sprinkle System is suitable for vertical garden and conventional garden, but not suitable for rice field. For plantations such as dry plantation, vegetables, flower, tea, and coffee, are very suitable and can adopt irrigation systems.

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