Still no Pie in the Android distribution chart

There’s a huge segmentation in the Android OS versions distribution and updates never come soon enough – there’s little to dabate here. Every now and then, however, a new distribution chart comes out so we can muse on the trends and numbers.

The latest edition puts Oreo at just under 1/5 of the market (19.2% total between v8.0 and 8.1), a 4.6 percentage points increase from the last time we checked. Nougat’s piece of the pie is still the largest, but there’s a slight drop (29.3% vs. 30.8%) so a bit of the Oreo gains have probably come from updates, not just new releases.

Speaking of Pie, the newest Android 9.0 is yet to make its way to the chart – no wonder that’s the case when it’s pretty much just the Pixels having it and the odd Android One device that’s only now starting to see some update love.


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