Text of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2019 budget address

Text of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2019 price range take care of, as ready for birth on Tuesday:


That is my fifth price range take care of, and for the closing four years sitting to my left became as soon as Karen Coates: a relied on adviser to Speaker Turzai, a chum, mother, sister, daughter, and respected member of our crew.

And for the identical four years, I would expect out into the chamber and expect Flo Fabrizio, Mike O’Brien, and Sid Kavulich. This year, they don’t seem like with us. Let us all undergo in suggestions their lasting affect, commitment to service, and carry forward in their memory.

Three weeks ago, I had the admire of taking the oath of space of job for one other term as governor.

I spoke of a commonwealth on a comeback — a Pennsylvania on a path to a extra purposeful authorities, a extra prosperous financial system and a brighter future for our children.

The of us of our commonwealth get proven that, no matter the challenges we face, Pennsylvania remains a space great of its history — a space where of us can discover merely work, solid communities and opportunity for their children.

And, here in Harrisburg, we’ve proven that no matter our variations, we live in a position to doing what Washington merely can’t seem in a space to quit: take care of mighty challenges, build apart petty partisanship and again the overall public interest.

We must by no procedure neglect that embedded in Pennsylvania’s history is the truth that not one, however two noble experiments get been launched here.

First, there became as soon as William Penn’s “Holy Experiment.”

Second, the Founders launched their dangle experiment in self-authorities.

Both of those are perpetual experiments.

After we reaffirm our commitment to these experiments we honor both our history and those Founders.

And we screen our constituents that, whether or not they voted for us or not, those experiments are in merely hands and their authorities is great of their belief.

Now, now we get got a likelihood to screen that merely faith as soon as extra.

In proposing and debating this price range, we compile to the coronary heart of our perpetual experiment in self-authorities.

We screen the Founders that we can govern ourselves.

This day, I build forth my price range proposal.

And let me decrease to the lag.

This proposal asks for no new taxes. Now not one greenback. Now not one dime. Now not one penny.

On the identical time, this price range proposes to quit a spread of things geared toward bettering the lives of our fellow electorate. The of us of Pennsylvania get made gargantuan sacrifices in contemporary years to again our verbalize compile up off the mat — and no matter a price range that asks for no new taxes, now we get a likelihood to proceed making some well-known new investments on their behalf.

Investments in our schools. Investments to create paddle extra Pennsylvanians of all ages get right selections in terms of their health care selections. Persisted investments to help our commitment to the wrestle against the opioid epidemic that has claimed the lives of so many of our neighbors. Investments to enhance our farmers and agricultural producers to allow them to proceed to help our rural communities for generations to return.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll get the likelihood to discuss, debate and negotiate the fundamental points.

And I will expect in your partnership in guaranteeing that this well-known work continues and that we dangle our commitment to advancing this experiment in self-authorities.

My administration has worked exhausting to create these investments that you just would possibly maybe presumably well presumably deem of — striving to bustle our authorities not merely extra ethically, however extra successfully, so that it is great of the overall public belief and in a position to advancing the overall public interest.

We’ve saved billions of taxpayer bucks and diminished the selection of verbalize workers — with out furloughs, all whereas bettering customer help.

We’ve gotten rid of facilities and leases that we don’t exercise or need whereas consolidating commonwealth operations within the Capitol complex.

We’ve made the procurement direction of smarter and additional atmosphere pleasant.

And we can proceed to expect for methods to streamline authorities so we can make investments in the things that matter to Pennsylvanians whereas at the identical time serving them better.

This day, alternatively, I need to focus on essentially the critical factor of this price range proposal — a entire notion for preparing Pennsylvanians to compete, and get, in our all of sudden changing financial system.

A notion to compile a new generation of prosperity in our commonwealth by constructing the strongest personnel in the nation.

The credit for our financial success has constantly belonged to the of us of Pennsylvania, the innovators who turned new suggestions into new industries, the industry leaders who built sizable companies tidy and minute, and the working females and men who toiled in fields and mines and factories — to not mention compare labs and college rooms and cubicles.

There’s a reason Pennsylvanians know names esteem Carnegie, Hershey, Westinghouse — and a causes why we imagine so strongly in the ability of our work ethic and the significance of particular particular person accountability.

That’s who we are.

But, in the background, authorities has been there engaged on our behalf: constructing canals and highways so producers would possibly maybe presumably well compile their items to market, preserving the integrity of the market to be paddle vivid competitors and serving to to unlock the prospective equipped by our abundant assets.

In the quit, alternatively, our critical financial resource has constantly been our of us.

It’s constantly been workers that get propelled our prosperity.

That’s why we’ve constantly made sure to make investments in public schools, universities and working towards centers.

The recede to prosperity begins with an expert personnel.

That’s as factual as of late as it’s constantly been.

But whereas that precept remains intact, plenty about our financial system has changed.

New companies. New industries. New technology. New competitors.

And with all that, now we get got a necessity for label new skills.

Over the closing four years, Pennsylvania has created larger than 12,000 new companies, and larger than 239,000 new jobs.

We’ve begun to ascertain and attain previous our neighbors.

Now it’s time for us to if truth be told pull forward.

This day, I screen a entire notion to again grow our financial system by persevering with to make investments in our personnel.

This notion calls on contributions from the industry crew, labor unions, educators, compare institutions, students, fogeys and adult workers.

And it increases opportunity for every Pennsylvanian at every stage of life — from initiating to retirement.

I’m proposing a package of policies and investments called the Statewide Team, Training, and Accountability Program.

It’s the next circulate we can have interaction collectively to create on all of the work we’ve carried out precise thru the final four years.

Grab into yarn merely how a long way we’ve already attain.

We’ve made Pennsylvania a slither-setter in computer science education by establishing a personnel model initiative that invests in computer science and STEM education packages for K-12 students.

We’ve elevated the selection of career and technical education students incomes industry-known credentials by 34 p.c and elevated the selection of credentials earned by students enrolled in career and technical education packages by 27 p.c.

We’ve equipped high college students alternatives to tell commencement readiness as that you just would possibly maybe presumably well presumably deem of choices to high-stakes standardized testing.

We’ve elevated participation to almost 800 registered apprenticeship packages and nearly 17,000 animated apprenticeships.

And we’ve assisted almost 3,000 companies in working towards larger than 145,000 incumbent workers at some point of the commonwealth to again workers create new skills to thrive in their jobs.

But we know there would possibly maybe be extra to quit.

When Amazon made its decision to not discover its 2d headquarters in Pennsylvania, it cited personnel issues as a fundamental reason. And in western Pennsylvania, we’ve struggled to search out Pennsylvanians to get the jobs as welders and pipefitters at the Shell cracker plant.

All over the commonwealth, now we get got workers growing old out of our personnel, and too usually the next generation of employee will not be there or doesn’t get the talents to exchange them.

If we can’t toughen our personnel, we can fall in the again of.

And we can’t let our authorities’s response to this tell be handcuffed by archaic dependancy.

We’ve to proceed to collapse silos.

We’ve to inject our efforts with identical old goal.

And now we get got to create paddle that, as leaders, we are offering route and giving teeth to our personnel efforts.

That’s why we’re going to quit something somewhat diversified.

Beginning straight, we’re going to construct collectively a Keystone Economic Building and Team Expose Center.

Company secretaries are going to meet per week with plans in hand and sit collectively to create paddle no personnel effort walks alone or falls thru some crack in the verbalize authorities.

If the Department of Neighborhood and Economic Building knows a company that desires 20 welders and the Department of Labor and Commerce has a welding program, we’re going to glue them.

Those connections within verbalize authorities are precious and wanted.

But we also get to hear from companies and labor. Now not merely after they’re upset, and never merely after we tour a facility in a exhausting hat. We’ve to hear from them continuously.

We’ve to know when there would possibly maybe be a neighborhood factual away so we can fix it.

If a labor union is having effort establishing a working towards program attributable to antiquated procedures, then now we get got to fix it.

We’ve to compile those workers expert and into the personnel.

If a industry can’t rent a employee attributable to an out-of-date or needless rule or law, now we get got to learn about it so we can have interaction action.

If clinical consultants are serious about a licensing backlog, they need receptive ears in verbalize authorities.

We’re also not going to seem at out to cure every personnel tell on our dangle.

The uncover heart can get a first-of-its-form Employer Fund, a public-within most partnership that empowers companies to take care of the talents gap from their quit and encourages them to portion their most efficient suggestions and most efficient practices so that we can scale them up and learn from their success.

Finally, authorities doesn’t get a monopoly on merely suggestions for addressing these challenges — alternatively it’ll again as an incubator for essentially the most energetic ones, and a accomplice for inserting them into action.

The Expose Center goes to be led by the secretaries of the departments of Neighborhood and Economic Building, Labor and Commerce, and Notify, three companies that get essentially the most energetic affect on Pennsylvania’s personnel and industry model.

We’re also going to bring outside voices in.

My guests Gene Barr and Rick Bloomingdale will even be co-chairs. They co-chaired my Center Class Job Power, which helped open most of the personnel model suggestions we applied closing year and that I’m proposing to create on on this notion.

And they’ll be joined by Tony Bartolomeo of Team PA and Auditor Total DePasquale, who has worked on these points and can get better-known ideas.

But now we get got to quit extra.

We need policies that open at the very initiating, and quit with every Pennsylvanian receiving an swish education and the chance to land a merely job.

Closing year, I convened a Ready To Initiate Job Power, charging it with finding ways to toughen the lives of young of us below three and their households.

I know that no new parent appears at their toddler and sees a spreadsheet, however in actual fact that preparing our children for success starts long sooner than they ever enter a classroom or even have interaction their first steps. And offering services for young of us helps to compile fogeys into the personnel and wrestle poverty.

That’s why this new program entails funding for dwelling visits to enhance inclined pregnant females, new moms and at-anguish infants and children.

Home visiting packages promote wholesome relationships and get and get dwelling environments.

They’re proven to work in preventing harmful childhood experiences, giving young of us and their fogeys the talents they get to attain their beefy skill and grab households out of poverty and into merely jobs.

You perceive: now we get got already bought packages esteem this working in Pennsylvania.

Misericordia University is dwelling to judicious one of handiest eight packages in the country that helps single moms who are struggling economically to entire a university level.

The program affords counseling, housing and diversified services to again moms compile into the personnel.

We notion to replicate this modern job working towards program all at some point of the commonwealth.

And this program leverages federal funds to toughen our child care scheme, so we can compile extra children off of waiting lists and into high quality enhance techniques — and again extra fogeys create their manner into the personnel.

Pennsylvania’s young of us deserve every opportunity to prevail after they enter our public college scheme.

And they have to enter a public college scheme that isn’t merely satisfactory, however world-class.

Restoring $1 billion in funding to our schools became as soon as critical first step. But now now we get got to jog additional.

We must proceed to enhance funding for education — initiating with pre-K and culminating at the quit of a student’s skedaddle.

But that’s not all.

It’s time to diminish the age of compulsory attendance to age 6, bringing our commonwealth in step with the mighty majority of diversified states.

And shall we quiet help in suggestions going even additional — with a careful watch of the costs and advantages of animated to well-liked free beefy-day kindergarten for every 5-year-frail in Pennsylvania.

In the intervening time, shall we quiet lengthen the minimum dropout age to 18, and accomplice with college districts to shield up our commencement payment rising.

Obviously, no governor or legislator can quit extra for a baby than a trainer can. And my program empowers teachers to quit even extra thru a program called TeacherWORKS that provides them with space of labor skills in Pennsylvania companies to allow them to better realize the desires of employers.

We reveal a range of our teachers. And if we’re going to put collectively the next generation of Pennsylvanians for the jobs of the long bustle, we’re going to be asking even extra of those teachers — in conjunction with extra working towards, and additional accountability.

Lecturers, on the diversified hand? They merely need get schools to work in; enhance from administrative workers; a vivid wage for the well-known work they quit. That’s not asking plenty.

However the law governing trainer pay hasn’t been up to this point on account of the Eighties. And so our classroom teachers get been too usually getting the rapid quit of the stick.

I don’t deem somebody here in Harrisburg would divulge that we shouldn’t definitely price the contributions our educators get transformed the closing 30 years — and I don’t deem somebody would disagree that they get a well-known characteristic to play in securing our prosperity over the next 30.

And yet, our authorities has didn’t take care of this injustice.

That ends now.

My notion increases the pay floor for teachers to $forty five,000 a year. That is a right investment in our future.

It’s an investment the verbalize — not native college districts — will create — and it’s incorporated on this price range.

That is a truly funded mandate.

We’re going to open competing to recruit and fetch the very most efficient education consultants, not merely in successfully-funded suburban college districts, however in every crew — every ZIP code in our commonwealth.

This would possibly maybe occasionally be a game-changer for our schools — in particular for our communities which are struggling to attract and fetch the next generation of educators.

Genuinely, most districts that will presumably well not get the funds for to pay their teachers extra would possibly maybe presumably well be found in the coronary heart of rural Pennsylvania, and it is time to create paddle we are investing in educators in those areas as of late to put collectively our children for the competitive world of the next day.

We’re also going to quit extra to recruit students — heroic, fair appropriate, inventive young females and men who are shopping for the next circulate in their education.

Our commonwealth is blessed with an critical scheme of colleges and universities — in conjunction with crew colleges.

All of us know that our post-secondary institutions are laboratories for innovation.

But they’re also open pads for job creators and the expert workers that will get those jobs.

That’s why my notion creates a new grant program for students who graduate from a Pennsylvania crew college with an accomplice’s level or diversified industry-known credential — and then quit in Pennsylvania to open their careers. While you’re tantalizing to construct your newly-obtained skills to work here in our commonwealth, the least we can quit is make it more uncomplicated to steer paddle of carrying spherical a crushing burden of student debt.

And if you occur to’re a parent who desires to commerce up from a job that will presumably well pay the bills to a job that will presumably well help your family, my notion entails a Guardian Pathway initiative designed to make it more uncomplicated to compile the education it is well-known to compile forward even whereas you put collectively your dangle children for success.

Certainly, my personnel program isn’t merely about the jobs of the next day.

It’s about the jobs of as of late.

Closing year, we launched PAsmart, a entire, new initiative focusing on STEM skills, apprenticeships, career counseling and public-within most partnerships.

With out reference to how frail you’re, now is a enormous time to dangle new skills — and we need to create that likelihood on hand to every Pennsylvanian.

As piece of the PAsmart initiative, we merely launched a new internet space — PA SMART DOT GOV — that consolidates personnel assets and info for Pennsylvanians who need to compile working towards and education to enter the personnel or lengthen their skills.

It’s equal to the Business One-Pause Shop we built closing year, and that we’re quiet bettering upon.

We need entire digital portals for both companies and workers that will get them the entire info they need in one space, and breaks down agency boundaries.

This year, I’m proposing $10 million in new funding for PAsmart so we can get extra evolved manufacturing positions, again extra non-archaic students discover the working towards they get to compete in the job market and compile extra jobs at better wages for added Pennsylvania workers.

This program also entails funding to again returning veterans compile the working towards they get to proceed their contributions to our commonwealth as contributors of our personnel — and, even better, that funding is transferable, which procedure that veterans can exercise it to again their children compile a university level or career credential, as successfully.

It’s a GI Invoice for Pennsylvania.

One extra factor.

We can’t comprehensively take care of our personnel model scheme with out fixing our prison justice scheme.

Tens of hundreds of Pennsylvanians are shut out of our personnel or underemployed attributable to errors they’ve made in their previous.

Households are being denied providers. Employers are being denied expert workers.

We’ve already passed tidy slate legislation, making us the fundamental verbalize in the country to quit so.

But now we get got to jog additional and create our prison justice scheme extra equitable and vivid whereas serving to of us who get made amends enter the personnel.

Certainly, at the same time as we work on this price range, we also get to toughen re-entry packages and create it more uncomplicated for of us who get carried out their time to prevail in the personnel and their every single day lives.

Our tell demands an all-hands-on-deck procedure.

And this price range proposal itself asks Pennsylvanians to return collectively — industry leaders, educators, students, fogeys, workers — to take care of the difficulty of renewing our prosperity for one other generation.

In my inaugural take care of, I asked us to quit our most efficient — factual here in Harrisburg — to quit two things.

First to ensure the pursuits of all Pennsylvanians are reflected in the policies we pursue.

And, 2d, to screen the arena that Pennsylvanians know the procedure to create advisor democracy work.

This price range is the embodiment of that noble effort.

It asks for no new taxes — no new burdens on our electorate — whereas at the identical time increasing dramatically our investments in the overall public items that will create life better for all Pennsylvanians.

This price range recognizes that authorities would possibly maybe presumably well quiet not are trying to quit every thing; now we get got an extended-held faith in our tradition of shrimp authorities and particular particular person accountability.

On the opposite hand it also recognizes that authorities would possibly maybe presumably well quiet not quit nothing, either.

The general public items authorities invests in would possibly maybe presumably well quiet create the lives of our fellow electorate better; public items that give Pennsylvanians the talents they get to thrive in our 21st century financial system; public items that promote their security and health; public items that join them extra seamlessly with every diversified; public items that help our air and water tidy.

That’s what this price range objectives to quit.

It makes investments in personnel readiness: our early childhood scheme, our schools, our universities, our crew colleges, our apprenticeship working towards packages.

It makes investments in guaranteeing that Pennsylvanians of all ages get right selections in terms of their health care selections.

And, it continues to prioritize the wrestle against the opioid epidemic that has destroyed the lives of so many of our guests and neighbors.

But above all else, this price range announces to the arena that factual here in Pennsylvania we quit not be pleased the sterile politics of enrage and insult; that here we know the procedure to absorb the respectful and merely give and have interaction that must stand at the coronary heart of a purposeful democracy.

While the relaxation of this country — and indeed the relaxation of the arena — descends into divisive, horrid, and unproductive bouts of shouting, we are exhibiting everyone else how democracy is presupposed to work.

So here’s our tell.

It’s not merely about yet one other price range, it’s about our democracy.

Let us screen the arena — alongside with the relaxation of our country — that factual here in Pennsylvania we are making this experiment work; that we are re-dedicating ourselves to this noble experiment in democratic self-governance.

Let’s screen that in the manner we take care of the difficulty of preparing our commonwealth for a brighter future — initiating with this price range.

This — and never not up to this — is our job.

This will be our privilege.

Would possibly perhaps also merely God bless us on this job.

And will God bless the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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