This Russian Heiress Had a $4.5 Million Wedding, All to Anger Her Ex

Sometimes, posting a cute picture on Instagram with your new boyfriend just isn’t the most effective way to make an ex jealous. Sometimes, you need to do something just a little more… extreme. Last year, Russian heiress Irene Belenova spent a cool $4.5 million on a wedding—one that included performances by Elton John and Mariah Carey. And, according to the bride, she hosted the whole thing (and even got married to the groom) just to “piss off” her ex.

Belenova and her groom, Daniel Kenvey, tied the knot back in early January 2017 in London when the two were 19 years old. The young couple flew in Mariah Carey (who is known to charge about $3 million to perform at weddings) and Elton John (who reportedly costs no less than $1.3 million to perform) for their big day. During the nine-hour long celebration, Carey performed her 2005 hit “We Belong Together,” while John sung “Tiny Dancer” during his 12-song set.

Though the mind-bogglingly expensive, over-the-top ceremony was the stuff of wedding dreams, it was all part of Belenova’s master plan: to win back her ex-boyfriend (who’s name has not been revealed).

“I only got married to piss off my ex-boyfriend—who I’m now back with. Everything works out well,” the former bride told The New York Post. Oh… Okay, then.

Belenova is the daughter of Russian oligarch Valery Kogan, owner of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport and real estate throughout the world. His estimated worth is around $3.5 billion, so as you can imagine, it was no expense spared for his daughter’s big day. In addition to the A-list performers, the bride served a ten-tiered wedding cake that reportedly cost $130,000 alone.

It seems like Belenova’s method was pretty successful—albeit rather insane. We only wonder what her next wedding will be like when (if) she ever marries her no-longer-ex boyfriend.

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