Titans’ Dean Pees on Super Bowl: ‘It was gorgeous’

Loads of the tens of millions of Gargantuan Bowl observers decried the NFL’s annual spectacle as a bustle of the mill dud. No longer all, alternatively, viewed the Unique England Patriots’ 13-3 steal over the Los Angeles Rams via such sad glasses.
For defensive-minded personalities, like Tennessee Titans defensive coordinator Dean Pees, it changed into the form of efficiency he strives to emulate a week from September via February.
“It changed into comely,” Pees stated, by task of the team’s legitimate online page. “The supreme component higher than that would had been 6 to three.”

There is a pig for every sty.
Gargantuan Bowls like Sunday’s robotically end result in coos about how “defenses steal championships.”
“I changed into suggested the tip 11 (scoring) offenses within the NFL (all time) trust by no manner won a Gargantuan Bowl,” Pees stated. “That’s an engrossing stat. … That speaks to protection.”
Pees’ stat is ethical. On this case, alternatively, it additionally eschews the truth that the tip four offenses within the NFL in 2018 made it to the convention championships.
The existing plot also can restful indirectly be that the supreme groups steal championships. The Patriots had been the true team this total millennium, which is why Tom Brady wishes two hands to apartment his Gargantuan Bowl rings.
To be an excellent team, one must spend a true offense, true protection and true particular groups. An insufficient team can sink any NFL ship.
Pees believes the Titans are on the verge of turning into a championship-degree protection.
“I judge we are very discontinuance,” Pees stated.
Pees — who famed he feels “good” after a successfully being topic hindered his season — guided Tennessee to the third-ranked scoring protection within the NFL in 2018. His protection ranked eighth in total protection, sixth versus the lumber and 18th against the bustle.
There are restful holes on the Titans’ D, including a burgeoning need for an edge rusher. Heading into free agency and the draft, Pees is hoping typical supervisor Jon Robinson offers him a pair of extra toys to play with in 2019.
“I don’t prefer to enlighten for Jon, but defensively we’re always wanting for the toughest, quickest, meanest guys that we are in a position to obtain that are coachable, true off the topic and play contained within the rules, all those things,” he stated.

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