Tony Romo’s colleagues laud his preparation, intellect

ATLANTA — CBS Sports sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson didn’t realize correct how huge analyst Tony Romo modified into at some stage in the AFC Championship Game.
Romo dwelling social media on fire when he as it ought to be called out performs for the Fresh England Patriots in opposition to the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs, and Wolfson had an belief what used to be going on from her space on the sidelines. The primitive Dallas Cowboys quarterback used to be so gorgeous that play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz called his colleague “Romostradamus” on-air for Romo’s capability to make correct predictions.
Nonetheless it wasn’t till Wolfson and her CBS Sports colleagues adjourned to the resort and acquired collectively hours after the sport did the enormity of the subject at closing sank in.

“We had been all getting the alert on our phones, watching Twitter blow up,” Wolfson informed following a Tuesday CBS media tournament. “We knew it when it used to be occurring how particular it used to be, nevertheless when every person else in the field starts talking about it and it takes on a entire bigger than existence story, that is when all of us more or less knew. It correct persisted and it hasn’t stopped — that’s what’s incredible about it for two weeks.”
For his share, Romo ancient humor to downplay what took place almost two weeks ago when asked by pretty a couple of journalists for predictions, including the closing ranking, in Sunday’s sport between the Patriots and Los Angeles Rams — the first Gargantuan Bowl that he’ll name as a broadcaster.
“Tom Brady goes to throw the ball on one in every of the early third downs,” Romo quipped in line with what the Patriots’ offense would attain in opposition to the Rams.
What about The Weather Channel? Would Romo make a roam if he can effectively predict the facets?
“I hear they pay more, so I will give it some conception,” Romo said.
The layer of jokes aside, James Brown, who hosts The NFL Nowadays pregame existing on CBS, said he will not be greatly surprised at Romo’s capability to particular what’s occurring on the discipline to viewers.
“He is indicative of what most folk would need to examine in an analyst,” Brown informed “He is passionate, loves the sport, studied the sport and to the stage that he can speak the sport with the enthusiasm that he has that is infectious, and that’s what caught folks.”

Brown said it’s some distance moreover very easy to examine that Romo does his homework effectively forward of games, even going to some distance as to overview Romo’s preparation to Corridor of Famer Ray Lewis’ capability to break down movie and factor in clues and tip offs on opponents.
“Defensive coordinators are nothing bigger than admire immense defense force strategists in looking out to identify what the opposition goes to attain,” Brown said. “Tony Romo did that in space on list of a quarterback is supposed to be the hardest employee on the team. He is the coach on the discipline, so Tony Romo is sharing with you every Sunday what his position used to be your entire years he used to be a quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.”
Wolfson echoed Brown, including Romo’s intelligence shines thru when he observes the circulate on the discipline from the gross sales state.
“The vogue he sees the discipline, he did that as a quarterback,” Wolfson said. “He studied plenty; he watched pretty a couple of movie.
“He picks pretty a couple of defensive coordinators’ brains. You need to well presumably presumably inform he goes to the offensive coordinators level of view, correct? He cares about offense on list of he is a quarterback, nevertheless in actuality he cares more in regards to the defense. He can in actuality inform in regards to the discipline so effectively.”
Will Romo repeat the magic of making correct pre-snap calls on Gargantuan Sunday? That continues to be to be considered, nevertheless there”s itsy-bitsy doubt he’ll be bigger than ready to offer an A-plus effort given what his colleague know of him.

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