Total Genital Wart Cure is Impossible Without Addressing the Root Cause

Can you feel some tiny growth in the genital or perianal area? You should have it checked immediately, even if the growths are too tiny to bother you right now. May be they are, or may be not. They can also be Molluscum Contagiosum or Fordyce’s spots or even Hirsuties papillaries genitalis. If they are, they will eventually grow bigger and cause a lot of discomfort. Do not try to operate on them by yourself. Go and see a dermatologist.

If you really can see or feel some red, pink, whitish or grey colored irregularly shaped mounds that are also soft and flat in your genital or perianal area, see some dermatologists to have it checked. If they are genital warts, start on a suitable course of treatment. If left untreated, the warts may become bigger and raised. They may also multiply into cauliflower-shaped clusters or ulcerate. It is of course, true that sometimes these warts are cured by the natural immune system of the body, but that is very rare. They need treatment most of the time.

There are different ways to treat. Talk to your doctor in details and try to evaluate each treatment to find out which one will suit you most. Here are some questions that you should ask your doctor before embarking on a particular mode of treatment:

• What are the different ways you can treat your?

• Why has your doctor chosen the particular mode of treatment over the others?

• How long it will take to dissolve the warts if you do not go for surgery or cauterization.

• What are the side effects you can expect?

• What steps can be taken to combat these side effects?

• What are the chances of the warts reappearing?

• Will the treatment weed out the HPV as well?There are different types of treatments. Only a qualified medical practitioner can decide which treatment will suit you best. Learn about each of them and evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of each before undertaking the treatment. Although your doctor should decide the mode of treatment, you have a right to know certain details.

Ask your doctor:

• What are the available modes of treatments?

• Why has the doctor chosen this particular mode?

• Will it help to eradicate the HPV, or will it just get rid of the visible warts?

• If it does not cure the HPV, what measure can you take to eliminate it?

• What side effects can you expect?

• Will the doctor take any measure or prescribe any medicine to minimize side effects?

• How much time or how many sittings will it take to do away with the?

• What is the approximate cost involved?

Time taken to cure genital warts vary according to the mode of treatment and condition of the wart. However, you cannot expect the genital wart cure to be permanent unless you can control the cause behind it. If you are not aware, the genital warts, medically known as Condylomata acuminata are the visible manifestations of a highly infectious disease called human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus enters the body during sexual activities with an infected partner through the minute abrasions that occur during such activities. Once they invade the cell, they enter a latency period of months before manifesting as warts. Unless you can eliminate HPV, there cannot be any permanent cure for genital warts.

Unfortunately no FDA approved prescribed medicine claims to cure to the HPV. They all cure the genital warts, but cannot prevent their recurrence. However, some homeopathic and herbal medicines promise to cure the genital warts from the roots and give an undertaking that the warts will not reappear once they are cured. Price wise, these medicines are quite affordable and are easy to apply. They have almost no side effects.

It would have been nice if you could eradicate the HPV for good, that too at a reasonable cost. The cost is no problem at all if you have health insurance. If you do not, you can look for discount packages. Alternatively, you can go for homeopathic medicines that are available on the net. There are different brands of homeopathic genital wart remover. All of them claim to remove the warts from the roots and guarantee that the warts once removed will not reappear. They are not at all expensive and easy to apply. Some of them may even offer unconditional 60 days money back guarantee.

If you want cheap drug, podofilox should be your choice. However, such cheap genital wart remover has very harsh side effects and gives only temporary relief to the patient. Recurrence is quite common. You also have to take many precautions if you are using patient applied variety. Otherwise, they may cause irreparable damage. If you are pregnant, let the doctor know it. Most of the mainstream genital wart removers have adverse effects on the fetus. Cryosurgery will probably be the safest method under such circumstances.

Hence, take medical help when you are applying the genital wart remover cream on your own. For medical help, you will have to first contact your family doctor and then take an appointment to meet him or her. After physical examinations, the doctors may prescribe medications, which get rid of the genital warts completely. If the genital warts are too many then most doctors may recommend surgery or other physical methods of genital warts removal. Surgery isn’t considered to be a genital wart cure because it only removes the external appearances of the genital warts and doesn’t kill the virus.

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