June 18, 2019

Travel news Celebrate Mongolia’s winter on an ancient, frozen lake

Travel news

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Photo by Taylor Weidman/LightRocket thru Getty Photos

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Festivalgoers don traditional costumes that symbolize Mongolia’s 21 various areas, aimags.

Photo by Taylor Weidman/LightRocket thru Getty Photos

Travel news Brutal temperatures add to the charm of the annual Khövsgöl Festival of Ice.

Story and Photos by YULIA DENISYUK

In early March, travelers from true thru Mongolia head to the northernmost phase of the country bordering Russia’s Siberia.

Braving the winter freeze—that most steadily falls below minus 58 levels Fahrenheit—crowds accumulate on Lake Khövsgöl to hang a intellectual time the prolonged, chilly season. The predominant freshwater lake in Mongolia, Khövsgöl belongs to the elite club of “ragged lakes” for having existed extra than one million years (although some definitions vary).

Frozen from November to Might also honest, Lake Khövsgöl becomes a glacial playground throughout the annual Khövsgöl Festival of Ice. For 2 days, a flurry of events covers the lake: horse sleigh races, ice sumo, archery competitions, bone-throwing video games, ice sculpture contest, and further—all taking draw in the frigid chilly on thick, slippery ice. (Power true thru the deepest lake in the realm.)

Festivalgoers don traditional costumes that symbolize Mongolia’s 21 various areas, aimags. A fireplace-burning ceremony honors the solid, shamanic beliefs of the residing, capping the festival’s vivid celebrations.

Travel news The formulation to accumulate there

Put time by catching a flight from Ulaanbaatar to Khovsgol’s provincial capital, Murun. Whenever you occur to’re feeling adventurous, accumulate on a native bus from Ulaanbaatar to Murun. All over the 12 hours, you’ll see the mountainous central Mongolian nation-tell.

From Murun, a native van or a taxi takes travelers to Hatgal, a tiny town on the shores of Lake Khövsgöl that serves as the rotten for exploring.

Within the destroy, it is doubtless you’ll perhaps well also rent a book—equipped by many tour agencies in Ulaanbaatar—for a inner most scuttle from the capital to the lake. Basically the most attention-grabbing phase of this bound? Touring phase of the bumpy attain off-road in an frail, iconic, Soviet UAZ van, no less), thru the winding, dusty steppes, and spending a evening with nomadic herder families.

Yulia Denisyuk is a Kazakhstan-born, Estonian-raised Russian bound journalist who now lives in the USA. Note her on Instagram

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