February 25, 2020

Travel news These are the 10 most popular national parks

Travel news

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Travel news 318 million other folks visited U.S. parks in 2018. Which be pleased been the most popular?

Billion is a slightly giant quantity. (To wit: A million seconds equals about 11 days, but a thousand million seconds is quite 32 years.) So it’s the total extra impossible that the Nationwide Park Service’s recordsdata be pleased registered over 14 billion visits since 1904. That’s nearly twice the planet’s population. It’s better than the quantity of years the universe has existed in any respect. (Watch unprecedented photos of nationwide parks from home.)

These big crowds preserve coming thanks to the parks’ enduring energy. Parks—“The US’s finest notion”—grab wildlife and wild areas, present crucial game, and make precious cultural spaces. And while it’s successfully worth a outing to every of the machine’s 418 parks (60 of that are “nationwide”), there are with out a doubt some heavy hitters amongst them.

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Attempt this record gallery to learn about every of the head 10 most visited nationwide parks, and explore this graphic to gape how their stats stack up.

This text is updated yearly with original recordsdata.

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