Vertical Garden Plans

A vertical garden is a garden arranged with a model standing perpendicular to the ground on a particular field, such as a wall or other. The advantages possessed if using this one concept can make a narrow land can be used to create a garden, so it will look beautiful and give a positive impact on health as the air becomes cleaner. The rest of this article will discuss vertical garden plans.

Garden by using this idea can be done in various places, whether it is inside (indoor) or outside the room (outdoor). If you want to develop this type of garden, you must choose plants with the ability to survive in high places and vertical.

Another thing that also needs to be considered is a plant that has the ability to survive both indoor and outdoor as well.

One of the maintenance processes for a vertical garden is watering, usually, this is done automatically. For such a model of the park water availability for water, pumps must be completely fulfilled in order to meet their needs well, so that it does not wither and the plant continues to grow.

The existence of this vertical garden will also add to the aesthetics of a building or room, with this concept in a house will have beautiful scenery and pamper the eyes of people at the time of seeing it.

First Thing To Do

For those who want to have a vertical garden for space in his house to be beautiful and clean air can make it through the following steps.
The first thing to do is to prepare the necessary materials. Among these materials are simple poles that can be plugged into the ground, the trellis is usually made of wood.

Use of the trellis as a place for the growth of the growing plant. The propagation is done by this plant through the cracks in the shape of the trellis. This is the first way there are still other ways can also be an alternative choice at the time of making this vertical garden plans.

Various alternative choice of materials can be used to cultivate this type of planting, such as the use of hanging ornamental plant pots. Utilization of this one place can be shaped baskets, boxes, or pipe cylinders from PVC pipe.

The concept offered for this vertical garden is the use of used materials such as can be made of bamboo or PVC pipes, used bottles of canned and plastic beverages, used bulb, and so on.

Pots with a box shape neatly arranged but with a certain shape so it will look beautiful seen by the eyes, and cleaning is not too difficult, can also with the concept of making a shelf to serve as a place of pots are forming the vertical garden.

Ceramics for Vertical Garden

In addition to material types of materials on top of other materials that can be used very many of them can be ceramic. The advantages of ceramics are to make a more beautiful vertical garden that will spoil the eyes of the people when you see it, of course, luxurious and elegant impression to be the value plus the use of this one material.

Another advantage is durable against various weather conditions, be it hot, cold, until the rain.

Of course to get it required a more expensive cost when compared with bamboo materials or used materials, in addition to always look attractive then the material from the ceramic must be more often to take care of it and clean it, so it takes extra time for treatment.

Another thing that also needs to be considered is the vertical garden of this ceramic risk broke if knocked and then fell.

For people who want to create a vertical garden can also choose to use the iron metal pot as a place of plants. The advantages make the scenery decorative and have a modern impression of the shape and color according to his own choice.

This material is suitable if the garden is made outdoors, with the material made of iron makes it strong because of durable face all weather, and sturdy when fallen and so forth.

Lack of use of this iron material makes it has no drainage so it requires the owner to make their own drainage so that plants in the vertical garden can grow well.

Those are some of the materials that can be used in vertical gardens, all back to people who want to make their vertical garden to choose designs and materials according to taste or material.

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