Vivan MF20 3A 20800mAh POWERBANK Feeling Genset

Vivan MF20 20800mAh 3A PowerBank Berasa Genset 696x522 - Vivan MF20 3A 20800mAh POWERBANK Feeling Genset

Vivan MF20 3A 20800mAh POWERBANK Feeling Genset: Nowadays this Smartphone is a mandatory thing that we have to take wherever we are, start to toilet, eat, sleep to wake up again, at home, in the office, at school until the smartphone even streets must always we carry. As mimin, smartphones are the gadgets required to be mimin bring to the streets or traveling. namun kalau hanya bawa smartphone doang sepertinya masih ada yang kurang, for example, what if mimin in the middle of the forest suddenly smartphone battery Abis. wahhh want to charge where. One gadget that can ngatasin it all is POWERBANK. POWERBANK a smartphone companion that should come as well when we are traveling. Could be a backup battery when the battery in our smartphone runs.

Vivan MF20 3A 20800mAh POWERBANK Feeling Genset

PowerBank Vivan - Vivan MF20 3A 20800mAh POWERBANK Feeling Genset

This time we will discuss PowerBank Vivan MF20 20800mAh 3A. POWERBANK able to Charge Mobile, Notebook, Laptop, Printer, lighting etc..

PowerBank Vivan MF20 20800mAh 3A ini sangat menarik karena memiliki kapasitas 20800mAh sementara yang biasanya 1200 mAh saja. nearly 2 times the capacity of the ordinary POWERBANK.

then there 3 ports that are under, There is a USB port with an output 2 ampere (this standard) Then there is the Port Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 This mandatory for the standard 2018 especially if you’re already using a phone that supports quick charger 3.0 and that too is okay USB Type-C port for input and output.

Output USB Type-C is also equal to 3 ampere of 5 volts so it can use to mengecharge Nintendo switch or hp that already use a USB cable to the USB Type-C cable so all future.

Do not forget there are also indicators that use a percentage batrenya. So it is more accurate for know how the remaining capacity. Also Read: This He Latest Features and Benefits MIUI 10 latest.

The other tip of the plugs that make him different from other POWERBANK-POWERBANK.

PowerBank Vivan MF20 20800mAh 3A colokan AC 220 Volt plugs similar to the plugs in your home dingding. Demi keamanan dan biar PowerBanknya tidak terlalu panas Vivan MF20 20800mAh 3A ini ada kipasnya untuk sirkulasi udara.

So in addition to all the things you could do Vivan POWERBANK MF20 can also be used for learning Lights mennyalain, Fan, Casan, Laptop, Printer, Laptop and printer at the same time. Also Read: Launch Xiomi redmi 6 Pro Latest.

Dimensions POWERBANK Vivan is quite sizeable FM20. But if you’re not a problem with the dimensions of the POWERBANK may be an option that is okay.

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