June 18, 2019

Watch: Formula E – Hong Kong E-Prix

Sam Chicken

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  1. Chicken wins after taking final lap lead but is under investigation by stewards – see BBC Two coverage
  2. Accept entangled #bbcformulae
  3. Eight cars out of walk
  4. Every walk dwell on the BBC this season

Reside Reporting

By Niamh Lewis

All instances acknowledged are UK

  1. #SamBird. Hope he gets to inspire the possess. No worse than the constant nudging we watch-provides to the drama.

    Stephen Hughes: Controversy aside, can anyone show why Chicken’s assault mode executed just a few seconds outdated to Lotterer’s? In fact he activated it later so it will even peaceable fabricate later? Perceived to happen every instances.

  • #battlingbrits
  • ‘Every part took dwelling in that walk’

    Jamie Chadwick

    System E take a look at driver

    I acknowledged I did not want to call it outdated to and I believe I made a valid verbalize!

    Every part took dwelling in that walk, you in point of fact couldn’t predict what was going to happen.

    With the amount of safety cars there possess been it was bunching the field up.

    I did not demand to turn out that methodology but what a walk.

  • SaltedPork: Doesn’t appear lovely in System E that you are going to be ready to employ your entrance flit love a weapon with out a penalty.

    Gary: If fact be told loved that walk! F1 convert right here

    Tom: Should always not be a penalty on extra inspection. Chicken commits down the internal and Lotera hasn’t given him passable room within the breaking zone, he’s compelled him extra internal.

  • Put up replace

    Lucas Di Grassi who got right here third, says: “It be amazing to be right here in Hong Kong. It be been a well-known day with wet and the dry stipulations my car wasn’t optimised for dry, but valid factors.”

  • The walk winner is under investigation

    We’ll inspire you up up to now with the latest info, as Sam Chicken is being investigated over that nudge outdated to Andre Lotterer punctured.

    Accept entangled with the #bbcformulae hashtag, on what you maintain.

    Contemporary to System E? Let us know what you belief of the walk.

    hong kong eprix

    Copyright: LAT

    Image caption: Reading the foundations there, Sam?
  • Muted celebrations

    Dario Franchitti

    Four time IndyCar Series champion

    It be a shame as it was a terrific drive but it absolutely’s apt a dinky bit muted now.

  • ‘It be a shame it ended that methodology’

    Scurry winner Sam Chicken, talking to Nicki Sheilds says: “It be a shame for me, I attempted to gallop down the internal and he (Andre Lotterer) gradual defended. It be slippy down the internal, my brakes and locked up – love with Jev in Santiago final twelve months. Nonetheless it be a shame it ended that methodology.”

  • Does that resolution for a penalty?

    That dinky ending incident is under investigation with the stewards.

    Chicken says: “For me, Andre was over defending moderately a dinky bit I went for a hole and he closed the door.”

  • Lotterer out

    Dario Franchitti

    Four time IndyCar Series champion

    Became once that a puncture a consequence of the contact in Flip 2?

    Lotterer will seemingly be furious.


    Copyright: BBC Sport

  • BreakingSam Chicken wins the Hong Kong ePrix

    So. That was dramatic. Lotterer and Chicken made contact, which resulted in Lotterer getting a puncture and Chicken taking the lead.

  • Final lap

    Sam Chicken leads the final lap. There is absolutely no methodology he can lose this now. This would possibly effectively be his second possess this season.

  • Sam Chicken leads

    Chicken leads as Lotterer gets a puncture!

  • ‘They nudge, they nudge!’

    Jack Nicholls

    System E commentator

  • Coming together?

    Dario Franchitti

    Four time IndyCar Series champion

    We talked in regards to the fight Lotterer and Chicken had in Paris final twelve months.

    Chicken crossed the fabricate line with three wheels on his car after they’d some “contact” lets are saying!

    Jack Nicholls: Are you suggesting the the same outcome on the original time?

    It is some distance going to also happen!

  • We’re help underway

    Lawful under two minutes left, and we’re help underway. Lotterer goes for it, but Sam Chicken is combating apt within the help of him on every nook.

  • Put up replace

    I indubitably must claim, that’s an excellent safety car…

  • Safety car

    Oliver Rowland has stopped, since his rear left tyre is no longer touching the ground anymore…

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